Some General Notes About Course Requirements:

All majors are required to take an introductory course, i.e., either (1) Language, or (2) Language and Mind. Note that the Language and Mind course is different from Language in three respects: 1) it is faster in pace, 2) more narrow, 3) slightly more advanced.

Students do not need to take more than one introductory course--only non-introductory courses count as electives.

Students should be mindful that some courses (e.g., Language, Sound & Language, and Grammatical Analysis) serve as prerequisites for other courses, and therefore should be taken as early as possible.

Any course that is not listed as satisfying a specific requirement counts as an elective. If you would like some advice on which electives to take, e-mail

Linguistics Registration Clearance (for majors)

Registration for a semester starts during the middle of the prior semester on Albert. Check the schedule of Linguistics courses being offered. Before you register, you need to get your schedule cleared by the Linguistics Department. The procedure for registration clearance is as follows:

1. Find out who to clear your schedule with:

(a) If your major is one of:
LING (Linguistics)
SPLN (Spanish & Linguistics)
GELN (German & Linguistics)
ITLN (Italian & Linguistics)
FRLN (French & Linguistics),

you clear your schedule with the Director of Undergraduate Studies ( through e-mail.

(b) If your major is ANLI (Anthropology and Linguistics), contact Dr. John Singler (


(c) If your major is LAMD (Language and Mind), contact Dr. Alec Marantz (

If you have two majors, either department can clear you on Albert, but only one department needs to. You should still make sure that you are on track with both programs.

If you fall under (1a), go to 2. If you fall under (1b) or (1c), contact your advisor.

2. Check your Degree Progress on Albert.

3. Check the major checklist that you received when you declared your major. If you lost your checklist, get a replacement at checklist for linguistics majors.

4. E-mail (two weeks before the start of registration) with your proposed schedule AND the Linguistics portion of the Degree Progress report. Please do not send attachments--just PASTE the report in as text and type the schedule into the body of the message. Please do not forget to include your full name with middle initial and your student number.

5. If you would like to come in and discuss your schedule in person, attend the office hours of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

It is key that you remember the following:

1. Please send your e-mail to get cleared for registration to The subject heading should read: REGISTRATION CLEARANCE
We will get the message if you send it to linguistics.dus, and it will get a much speedier response than if you send it to any other address.

2. Check the FAQ first to save yourself bother, e.g., a trip to the department. For example, one of the questions that is getting asked a lot is "can I take course X without having taken the prerequisite?" The answer is "no." We enforce prerequisites for all courses.

3. If you have a question about a specific course, e.g., the content or whether it would be appropriate for you, the best person to ask would be the professor teaching it.

Also, if you are a graduating senior, it is imperative that you have sat down with the Director of Undergraduate Studies at some point during your undergraduate studies to make sure that you will have all of the your major requirements completed. Do not solely rely on Albert's Degree Audit report.

Happy registration,
Stephanie Harves (Director of Undergraduate Studies)