Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Linguistics Department at NYU! This is an exciting place to be with our outstanding faculty across the disciplines.


We offer a linguistics major and a linguistics minor, as well as six joint interdisciplinary majors with the departments of Anthropology, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Psychology/Philosophy (Language and Mind). These programs of study are outlined in the description of the College of Arts and Science Linguistics Program, which is part of the College of Arts and Science Bulletin.

At the right, under Related Information, you will find everything you need to know about how our undergraduate program works in the Forms and Worksheets link. This includes: forms necessary to declare the major(s) or minor, requirements and checklists for the majors, as well as worksheets to assist you in planning your courses.

Important: All majors are required to take an introductory course, i.e., either (1) Language, or (2) Language and Mind. Students should be mindful that some courses (e.g., Language, Sound & Language, and Grammatical Analysis) serve as prerequisites for other courses, and therefore should be taken as early as possible. Courses must be taken in the correct sequence. This applies to all the courses in the department that have prerequisites. Our courses and their prerequisites are listed on the Course Offerings page.

Many additional questions about our program are answered on the FAQ page. We look forward to seeing you.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Stephanie Harves
ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: linguistics.dus@nyu.edu
Office Hours: TBA.

Coordinator for the Language and Mind Major
Dr. Alec Marantz

Coordinator for the Anthropology and Linguistics Major
Dr. Renée Blake