Syntax Research Group


Mark Baltin

Theoretical syntax, semantics, lexical representation

Chris Collins

Theoretical syntax, comparative syntax, English syntax, African languages

Stephanie Harves

Theoretical syntax, Russian syntax, comparative syntax, morphology, language acquisition

Richard Kayne

Theoretical syntax, (micro-)comparative syntax, French/Italian syntax

Alec Marantz

Distributed Morphology, theoretical syntax, argument structure, neurolinguistics

Anna Szabolcsi

Formal semantics, Hungarian syntax, syntax/semantics interface



WooJin Chung

Theoretical syntax,neurolinguistics and mathematical linguistics

Itamar Kastner

Morphosyntax, sign languages, embedding constructions, neurolinguistics

Maria Kouneli

Theoretical syntax, comparative syntax, Greek, Romance languages

Haoze Li

Theoretical syntax, semantics, Chinese

Kuo-Chiao Lin

(Morpho)syntax, (morpho)phonology, Austronesian languages

Shih-Yueh Jeff Lin

Syntax/semantics interface

Yining Nie

Morphosyntax, tense, French

Yohei Oseki

Morphosyntax, neurolinguistics, language acquisition

Mary Robinson

Morphosyntax, theoretical syntax, Slavic languages, acquisition

Dunja Veselinovic

Theoretical syntax, Slavic languages

Adina Williams

Neurolinguistics, syntax-semantics interface, semantics of inflectional morphology

Vera Zu

Theoretical syntax, morphosyntax, syntax/semantics interface, neurolinguistics


Recent Dissertations

Neil Myler



Building and Interpreting Possession Sentences

Inna Livitz



Deriving Silence through Dependent Reference: Focus on Pronouns

Patricia Irwin



Unaccusativity at the Interfaces

Txuss Martin



Deconstructing Catalan ObjectClitics

Laziz Nchare



The Grammar of Shupamem

Laura Rimell



Nominal Roots as Event Predicates in English Denominal Conversion Verbs

Violeta Vazquez-Rojas



The Syntax and Semantics of Tarascan Noun Phrases

Jim Wood



Icelandic Morphosyntax and Argument Structure

Chyan-An Arthur Wang



The Microparametric Syntax of Resultatives in Chinese Languages

Andrea Cattaneo



It is all about clitics: The case of a Northern Italian Dialect like Bellinzonese

Oana Savescu Ciucivara



A Syntactic Analysis of Pronominal Clitic Clusters in Romance: The View from Romanian

Thomas Leu



The Internal Syntax of Determiners

Lisa Levinson



The Roots of Verbs

Franca Ferrari



A syntactic analysis of the nominal systems of Italian and Luganda: how nouns can be formed in the syntax

Bill Haddican



Aspects of Language Variation and Change in Contemporary Basque


Syntax Brown Bag

The NYU Syntax Brown Bag is a series of informal talks on syntax and its interfaces with other subfields. The talks are given by students, faculty, and visiting scholars in the Tri-State Area who come to NYC and share their on-going research with our department.