Semantics Group

NYU Semantics Group is an informal talk series focusing on semantics and its interfaces, pragmatics, philosophy of language, computational and experimental approaches to meaning, and other related subfields. Meetings take place on Friday, starting at 10:15am, in the 4th floor lounge of 10 Washington Place, unless noted otherwise.

To contact the organizers of the Semantics Group or to subscribe to the NYU semantics mailing list, please email semantics-group[at]


Chris Barker
Sam Bowman
Lucas Champollion
Ailis Cournane
Philippe Schlenker
Anna Szabolcsi

Recent PhD alumni: Simon Charlow, Itamar Kastner, Jeremy Kuhn, Daniel Lassiter, Timothy Leffel, Salvador Mascarenhas, Laura Rimell, Linmin Zhang, Eytan Zweig

Current graduate students: Dylan Bumford, WooJin Chung, Masha Esipova, Paloma Jeretic, Songhee Kim, Sonia Kasyanenko, Haoze Li, Jeff Lin, Sheng-Fu Wang, Adina Williams, Vera Zu

For information about semantics at NYU, consult our 2016 Open House handout.