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Alec Marantz: Distributed Morphology, morphology, syntax, neurolinguistics
Maria Gouskova: Morphology-phonology interface, phonology and the lexicon, cyclicity, reduplication
Stephanie Harves: Morphosyntax, case, argument structure, agreement
Gregory Guy: Morphology-phonology interface, lexical frequency effects, morphological variation
Richard Kayne: Relation and interaction of morphology and syntax
Anna Szabolcsi: Morphosemantics, sub-word compositionality

Graduate Students

Teon Brooks: Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, compounding
Daniel Duncan: Sociolinguistics, variation, change, grammaticalization
Itamar Kastner: Morphosyntax, nonconcatenative morphology, neurolinguistics, sign languages
Kuo-Chiao Lin: Morphosyntax, Distributed Morphology, case, argument structure, agreement
Yining Nie: Morphology, morphology-phonology interface, tense
Yohei Oseki: Morphosyntax, neurolinguistics, language acquisition
Mary Robinson: morphosyntax, case, agreement, and acquisition
Adina Williams: Neurolinguistics, syntax-semantics interface, semantics of inflectional morphology
Vera Zu: Morphosyntax, word-internal composition, categories, agreement

Alumnae and Alumni

Meera Al Kaabi. Neil Myler. Katie Wallace. Joseph Fruchter. Inna Livitz. Patricia Irwin. Jim Wood. Laura Rimell. Jason Shaw. Oana Săvescu Ciucivara. Thomas Leu. Lisa Levinson.

Morphology at NYU


Our reading group, MorphBeer, meets regularly to discuss various papers in morphology suggested by students and faculty. We also enjoy beer and truncated compounds.
[Fall '15, Spring '15, Fall '14, Spring '14, Fall '13, Spring '13, Fall '12, Spring '12, Fall '11]


We work with our colleagues at the MorphLab on neural correlates of morphological processing and production and the Phonetics and Experimental Phonology Lab on phonology and exponence.
Morphology talks are held as part of the joint Syntax/Semantics Brown Bag series.

Conferences at NYU

Roots IV
FASL 24 Workshop on Approaches to Slavic Morphology
Workshop on Language Production

Links and Resources

Conferences outside NYU

Root Bound, Roots, Roots III
Workshop on Theoretical Morphology (WOTM) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Core Mechanisms of Exponence Network
Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM, on odd years)
International Morphology Meeting (on even years)
American International Morphology Meeting 1, 2, 3
Workshop on Locality and Directionality at the Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface (CrISP)
Workshop on the Representation and Selection of Exponents (WoRSE, CASTL)
Exploring The Interfaces: Word Structure (McGill/UQAM)
Morphology and its interfaces (Lille)
Workshop on Comparative Morphology and Morphological Theory (London)
Cross-linguistic Comparison of Indo-Germanic and Semitic Languages (Konstanz)
Allomorphy: Its logic and limitations (HUJI)


The English Lexicon Project
CELEX and WebCelex

Publications: Papers

To Appear

Becker, Michael and Maria Gouskova. Source-oriented generalizations as grammar inference in Russian vowel deletion. Linguistic Inquiry.

King, Joseph, Tal Linzen and Alec Marantz. Syntactic Categories as Lexical Features or Syntactic Heads: An MEG Approach. Accepted pending revisions, Linguistic Inquiry.


Al Kaabi, Meera. The Anatomy of Arabic Words: The Role of the Root in Representations and Processing. Doctoral dissertation, NYU.

Fruchter, Joseph, Tal Linzen, Masha Westerlund and Alec Marantz. Lexical preactivation in basic linguistic phrases. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 27:10, 1912-1935.

Fruchter, Joseph and Alec Marantz. Decomposition, Lookup, and Recombination: MEG evidence for the Full Decomposition model of complex visual word recognition. Brain and Language 143, 81-96.

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Gouskova, Maria, Luiza Newlin-Łukowicz and Sofya Kasyanenko. Selectional restrictions as phonotactics over sublexicons. Lingua 167, 41-81.

Gwilliams, Laura and Alec Marantz. Tracking non-linear prediction in a linear speech stream: Influence of morphological structure on spoken word recognition. Brain and Language 147, 1-13.

Kastner, Itamar. Factivity mirrors interpretation: The selectional requirements of presuppositional verbs. Lingua 164:156-188.

Myler, Neil. Stem Storage? Not Proven: A Reply to Bermúdez-Otero 2013. Linguistic Inquiry 64:1, 173-186.

Szabolcsi, Anna. What do quantifier particles do?. Linguistics and Philosophy 38, 159-204.


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Wood, Jim. Affirmative semantics with negative morphosyntax: Negative exclamatives and the New England So AUXn’t NP/DP construction. In Raffaella Zanuttini and Laurence R. Horn (eds), Micro-Syntactic Variation in North American English, 71-114. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Rimell, Laura. Nominal Roots as Event Predicates in English Denominal Conversion Verbs. Doctoral dissertation, NYU.

Wood, Jim. Icelandic Morphosyntax and Argument Structure. Doctoral dissertation, NYU.


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Pre-2010 (selected)

Kayne, Richard S. (2009) Some Silent First Person Plurals. In J.M. Brucart, A. Gavarró and J. Solà (eds.) Merging Features. Computation, Interpretation, and Acquisition, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 276-292.

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Publications: Presentations, Manuscripts, Etc.


Gouskova, Maria and Suzy Ahn. Sublexical phonotactics of English -er suffixes. LSA.

Kastner, Itamar. A non-uniform account of intransitive verbal forms in Hebrew. LSA.

Szeredi, Dániel. Evaluating segmental and sublexical solutions for exceptionality in vowel harmony. LSA.

Zu, Vera. Representing the Seat of Knowledge at the Left Periphery in Newari. LSA.


Various faculty (Gallagher, Gouskova, Kayne, Marantz). Talks at Roots IV.

Duncan, Daniel. A Freezing Approach to the Ish- Construction in English. PLC 39.

Kastner, Itamar. Arabic consonants as bootstrapping for segmentation and acquisition. MMM10.

Kastner, Itamar. Nonactive voice in Hebrew and elsewhere: Between unaccusativity and agentivity. PLC 39.

Kastner, Itamar. Syntactic versus phonological generalizations in Hebrew verbal morphology. NELS 46.

Kastner, Itamar and Frans Adriaans. Consonant representations aid in learning segmentation and phonology for Arabic but not English. BUCLD 40.

Kastner, Itamar and Vera Zu. Blocking and Paradigm Gaps. Ms., NYU.

Kouneli, Maria. Plural marking on mass nouns: Evidence from Greek. Workshop on Gender, class and determination.

Lin, Kuo-Chiao. Bimoraic reduplication in Harmonic Serialism. BLS 41.

Oseki, Yohei. Is Suppletion Local? Evidence from Ainu. NELS 46.

Oseki, Yohei and Kunio Kinjo. Wh-Concord = Syntactic Movement + Morphological Merger. PLC 39.

Wood, Jim and Alec Marantz. The interpretation of external arguments. Ms., Yale University and NYU.

Zu, Vera. A Two-Tiered Theory of the Discourse. WCCFL 33.

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Pre-2010 (selected)

Shaw, Jason A. (2006). Learning a stratified lexicon. Proceedings of NELS 36.