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Affiliated Universities in New York City

Through the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium, Arts and Science doctoral students in good standing who are beyond their first year of doctoral study are eligible to take graduate courses at distinguished universities throughout the greater New York area.

The IUDC has been in existence for over 25 years and offers students an enormous array of courses and opportunities for contact with faculty and students in their fields. We are pleased to announce that as of Fall 2002 Princeton University; Rutgers University, New Brunswick; and Stony Brook University, have joined the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium.

Participating schools and their web sites where course listings can be found are as follows:

Registration forms, contact information, and detailed instructions are available from the Office of the Vice Dean, 6 Washington Square North, 2nd floor.

Exchange Programs with Foreign Universities

M.A./Ph.D. students at NYU may also pay fees at NYU and receive credit for taking courses at foreign universities that NYU has an exchange agreement with. For example, students in Linguistics may want to spend a semester in the Creole Program or in the Logic Program at Amsterdam University.

For general information, see and follow the links to study abroad.

The link lists the exchange programs. Please note that the programs are for both graduates and undergraduates.