The Ph.D. program in Linguistics is for students interested in a career in research. Students receive a solid training in the fundamentals of phonetics and phonology (Davidson, Gallagher, Gouskova), morphology (Marantz, Gouskova), syntax (Baltin, Collins, Harves, Kayne), semantics (Barker, Champollion, Schlenker, Szabolcsi), sociolinguistics (Blake, Guy, MacKenzie), neurolinguistics (Pylkkänen, Marantz), language acquisition (Cournane), and computational linguistics (Bowman, Champollion). Subsequently, students attend advanced courses and engage in creative research, presented in two qualifying papers and a dissertation. The program has a foreign language requirement.

Our department does not offer any courses in applied linguistics. For such courses at NYU, please contact the TESOL Program in the NYU School of Education.

You may only enroll in the Fall semester.