Minor in Italian Studies

Students wishing to minor in Italian must complete four courses beyond Intermediate Italian II or Intensive Intermediate Italian. These include two required language courses and two electives in literature and/or culture & society.

The four courses consist of:

  1. Advanced Review of Modern Italian (ITAL-UA 30) (This course is required for all majors and minors)
  2. One additional advanced language course to be chosen from the following: Conversations in Italian (ITAL-UA 101) Creative Writing in Italian (ITAL-UA 103) Advanced Composition (ITAL-UA 105) Italian through Cinema (ITAL-UA 107) Italian through Opera (ITAL-UA 108) Translation (ITAL-UA 110)
  3. Two courses in literature and/or culture & society to be chosen in consultation with an advisor (Melissa Alexander; ma4542@nyu.edu)

Note: Internships do not count towards the minor. The Director of Undergraduate Studies may approve a maximum of two courses taken at another university to count towards the minor. For a check list of minor requirements please click here.




**Please contact Melissa Alexander to schedule an Advising Appointment at ma4542@nyu.edu or call the Department at 212-998-8122. 


In addition, if you are finished with your major requirements, please email us so we can submit a memo of completion on your behalf.