BA/MA Program in Italian Studies


Check out the accelerated Bachelor's-Master's program website between NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) and two of our undergraduate programs, the College of Arts and Science (CAS) and Global Liberal Studies (GLS).



This program allows a select number of qualified undergraduates to begin Master's corusework while still in CAS or GLS.  At minimum, students earn a quarter of the graduate credits needed for the Master's before they earn their Bachelor's.  Upon matriculation into GSAS, they receive a 50% scholarship from GSAS for up to 12 months--enough time to complete the Master's Program. 


Aside from visiting the Bachelor's-Master's website, you can view a fairly extensive, 18-minute program overview here


Please feel free to contact Brendan Sullivan at or 212-998-8521 to discuss how the Bachelor's-Master's program works with your department in particular.  For questions about how Bachelor's-Master's students factor into your program's enrollment/financial goals, please contact David Giovanella (, Director of the Master's College.


Fall 2017 Applications

Our Fall 2017 priority deadline is October 1st; our Spring 2017 priority deadline will be March 1st.  Students applying this semester will have at least one more year of undergraduate study before they enter GSAS.  They are applying now to enter the program and begin some graduate coursework in their junior/senior years, but they will not formally matriculate into GSAS until after they graduate from CAS or GLS. 


Two weeks after the application deadline, participating departments are sent information about any undergraduates who are already on the Bachelor's-Master's track into their programs, including when these students plan to earn the Bachelor's degree and enter GSAS to complete the Master's.  Bachelor's-Master's applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis, through the end of the semester.


Application Review

Students submit an abbreviated application to this program through the standard system used by all applicants to GSAS.  If you have any applications in this round, your department will be able to view them and enter your decisions in Albert, as you normally would for direct applicants.


Once Accepted:


Please note:  students in the Bachelor's-Master's program must satisfy all requirements of both the Bachelor's degree and the Master's Degree; there is no double-counting of courses.  In order to finish the Master's program in one additional year of study, students are expected to complete at least a quarter of the graduate credits required for your Master's degree before earning the Bachelor's.  For the Italian Studies MA program, this would mean at least 8 graduate credits (two 4-credit courses).


Students are expected to earn at least a B in any graduate course that they intent to apply towards the Master's Degree.  These graduate credits may not be counted towards any Bachelor's degree requirement since they will be withheld in your final undergraduate semester for transfer to the Master's degree.


For advisement on the graduate program, including questions about graduate course selection and sequencing, please contact Professor Jane Tylus ( 


To plan your remaining undergraduate requirements, please meet with your major and/or CAS advisor.  Be sure to leave enough room to begin taking required graduate-level coursework.


If you have questions about Bachelor's-Master's program requirements or policies, please consult with a Bachelor's-Master's program advisor during walk-in hours or by appointment.  Walk-in schedule and appointment request forms can be found here


Please note that students in the Bachelor's-Master's program receive a scholarship covering 50% of Master's course tuition and registration fees during the graduate school year (for up to 12 months from the start of the first term as a matriculated GSAS student).  The scholarship is calculated on the basis of (a) the reminaing credits needed for the Master's degree and (b) additional payments the student may have made in order to accelerate study while matriculated for the Bachelor's degree (i.e. tuition for more than 18 points during a fall/spring semester due to graduate course enrollment, or for summer graduate courses). 


Participation in the Bachelor's-Master's program is predicated on earning a final undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (a change from the former 3.5 standard), and on completion of at least a quarter of the Master's degree credits prior to earning the Bachelor's degree.  Students who do not earn a final cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, or who do not successfully complete at least a quarter of the graduate credits required for the Master's degree prior to receiving their Bachelor's, will not be admitted to the Graduate School of Arts and Science under the terms of the Bachelor's-Master's program.