The following are the requirements for the Minor in Irish Studies. Students interested in declaring a Minor should make an appointment with Professor Marion Casey, Director of Undergraduate Studies. Please call her office at (212) 998-3954 or email marion.casey@nyu.edu to arrange an appointment.

  • Four courses (16 credit points) are required for the Irish Studies Minor.
  • Courses must be chosen from at least two main subject areas (History, Literature, Irish Language, Music/Folklore).
  • Only one Irish Language course may be counted towards the Minor.
  • Only one Independent Study may be counted towards the Irish Studies Minor. This requires the prior approval of Prof. Casey.
  • Only one course from the Tisch Dublin program may be counted towards the Irish Studies Minor. This requires prior approval of Prof. Casey.
  • Two courses from the NYU in Dublin Program may be counted towards the Irish Studies Minor.
  • One course in an Irish Studies subject from non-NYU Study Abroad may be considered towards the Irish Studies Minor. This requires prior approval of Prof. Casey.
  • Students may not "double-count" courses (count one course towards two sets of requirements in two different departments) taken to fulfill the Minor towards their Major without explicit approval of the Department in which they are pursuing the Major.  If you are double minoring, NYU departments' policies on "double-counting" credits toward Minors vary.  You should check with both departments in which you intend to Minor before planning to double-count any courses.

Please click here to download to NYU Irish Studies Minor Declaration form as a PDF. Forms for declaring a minor in Irish Studies are also available at Glucksman Ireland House NYU, 1 Washington Mews, 2nd floor. Once you have completed the form, you may return it to Glucksman Ireland House for submission to DUGS Prof. Marion Casey for review.  After approval, your minor will be available for viewing on Albert within a month.

Undergraduates may apply for their minor at any point during their course of study, including while it is in progress.  Applying early-on ensures that courses intended to count towards the minor are valid. 

The deadline for declaring an Irish Studies minor is April 1st of the student's senior year.  Students wishing to be eligible for the Undergraduate Prize in Irish Studies must declare their Irish Studies minor by February 1st of their senior year.