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    "If I can get to the heart of Dublin, I can get to the heart of all the cities of the world." -James Joyce


Study Abroad in Ireland

NYU Summer in Dublin

"Going to NYU I met wonderful people, had fantastic opportunities and learned more than I ever thought I would, but the time I spent in Ireland with the NYU Dublin program was without a doubt the most extraordinary experience of my entire college education. I lived in an amazing city, made great friends, learned about an incredible nation, and visited beautiful places. The experience was life-changing and unforgettable and I would not trade it for anything."
- Emily, NYU in Dublin student, 2010

Why NYU in Dublin?

NYU in Dublin offers students the opportunity to live and study in a capital that combines the modernity of a thriving European city with a rich heritage spanning more than a millennium. The program and student housing are centered at Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university, with a distinguished history since 1592 that boasts such graduates as writers Jonathon Swift, Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Beckett. Its Old Library houses the famous 9th century illuminated manuscript known as the Book of Kells. Trinity is located on forty beautiful acres complete with cobbled squares and green lawns ringed by ancient trees and elegant buildings--truly a scholarly oasis in the heart of bustling Dublin.

Open to undergraduate and graduate students, this program is an intensive study of modern Irish society and culture with particular emphasis on history, literature, creative writing, and the Irish language. Students examine the experiences and problems that have played a pivotal role in the 20th century, including the contemporary cultural renaissance, the Celtic Tiger economy, and the revival of the native language. Faculty are experts in their fields, drawn from NYU as well as Irish universities. Lectures are often supplemented by field trips and guest speakers. Not an NYU student? No problem -on average, 40-50% of our students each summer are from other institutions, and we can assist with arranging transfer credits.



House 13, Botany Bay, TCD
We’ll be living in the heart of Trinity’s picturesque campus, in the ivy-covered square known as “Botany Bay’ (a former 19th-century garden). Every student has their own room, and shares a kitchen, living room and bathroom with one other person. The campus is very secure -it's entirely walled off from the city, making it a peaceful oasis in the midst of the bustle of Dublin. Students have wireless Internet in most locations on campus, and 24-hour access to a designated computer lab and summer hour access to the college library. Also, the National Library of Ireland is adjacent to the college campus, and students receive a comprehensive introduction to the library and its research facilities. Bed linens and towels are provided, and laundry facilities and a gym are also available. Click here for a campus map.


All of our excursions are designed to enhance and deepen the understanding of Irish culture that you receive in the classroom, and we place a strong emphasis on getting out and about in the beautiful Irish landscape.

Destinations for Summer 2013 include:

  • Two days on the beautiful island of Inishbofin, off the Galway coast, guided by one of Ireland's most eminent archaeologists, Michael Gibbons.
  • A night in the picturesque Connemara village of Letterfrack.
  • A visit to the Connemara Pony Show in the charming coastal village of Roundstone.
  • A visit to the Willie Clancy traditional music festival in Co. Clare.
  • A tour of the fascinating murals of Belfast.
  • Immersing ourselves for two days in the rugged landscape and rich Gaelic-speaking culture of Gweedore in Co. Donegal.
  • Visiting the rugged and remote Tory Island in the company of the island's "King," Patsy Dan Rogers.
  • A tour of Northern Ireland's historic walled city of Derry.
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Dail, Ireland's parliament.
  • A visit to the majestic prehistoric monuments of the Boyne Valley.
  • A trip to the stadium at Croke Park to see our national sport, hurling.
  • Visits to the National Library (where you will be given an introduction into how to go about doing research work in its vast archives), the National Museum, the wonderful Marsh's Library, the Chester Beatty Museum, the Irish Writers' Centre and more.
  • A play at the historic Abbey Theatre.


Upon completion of the program, students were asked:

"Would you recommend the program to a friend?"

100% of 2011 participants chose "Yes"

100% of 2012 participants chose "Yes"


"I cannot recommend the NYU in Dublin experience enough. The program is run by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the Irish cultural experience. The group's directors made excellent choices regarding the places that the group traveled to. We saw both the urban and rural sides of the country and got a good sense of Ireland's natural beauty. The classes were interesting and taught by professor's who genuinely cared about the material. On top of all that, the program attracted a great group of fun-loving people."

- Keith, Boston College

"The summer in Dublin was the highlight of my academic career. The faculty does an outstanding job of showing you places in Ireland that tourists would never find, while educating you about them as you travel. You have plenty of opportunities to talk to the locals of counties across the nation, and hike across bogs and mountains even the Irish don't know are there. I made friends on the trip that will last a lifetime and we all agree it was the best summer of our lives."

- Madeleine, NYU

"Applying to NYU's Summer in Dublin program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My summer was an invaluable experience that I will never forget. The classes were great, but the best parts of the program were the trips we took to supplement what we were learning inside of the classroom. We could read a Yeats poem in class and then walk down the street to see the original handwritten copy in the library; we could explore the parts of the city Joyce's characters in 'Dubliners' inhabited. The weekend excursions were both powerful bonding experiences and opportunities to see some of the most beautiful sights I've ever experienced. Because we lived at Trinity, in the heart of Dublin, everyone was able to immerse themselves in the culture and truly get to know and explore the city. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from my time in Ireland, and I made some of the best friends I've ever had."

- Claire, NYU

"As a graduate student in the NYU Summer in Dublin program, I was able to find the academic resources and coursework to supplement my field of study alongside an intimate cultural experience that struck an ideal balance of structured and independent exploration. The intimate and comfortable size of the program allowed me appropriate access to faculty and provided a friendly and manageable social network for the six-plus weeks of my stay. Well-planned weekend excursions to spectacular locations around the country made my summer all the more memorable, led by faculty whose expertise and eye for the authentic, unique, and adventurous ensure that no one's curiosity goes unmet."

- Michael, NYU graduate student


Overall Comments:

"I could not be happier with the classes and what I learned. The program was better than I could have imagined. Thank you. I don’t want to leave."

"I felt extremely safe and completely at home in Trinity, a very welcoming atmosphere. Ireland is an amazing place and the country is beautiful, the people are friendly, the culture is rich. I love Dublin, it is so fun.'

"I've had an amazing time here. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. I always felt comfortable talking to the director and teachers, and they were always very caring and understanding."

"The orientation was very informative and held in a nice laid back manner. The courses do a great job of balancing the coursework and making sure students enjoy their time in Dublin."

"Excellent program with overnight and day trips – the trips were well organized and very fun. It was a fabulous experience."

"Conor and Marion made us very welcome. It was wonderful – I wish I didn't have to leave."

"I loved the classes and the professors. I really liked the rooms and the kitchen. The housekeepers were absolutely pleasant and always helpful."

"I can say without a doubt that coming on this trip was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel as though I've been able to engage with Irish culture on a new, deeper level after living here for six weeks, and that I now have a clear idea about how I want to continue my academic career in Irish studies."

"I have had the most unbelievable experience on this trip. I have wanted to come to Ireland since a very young age, and the past six weeks have been a dream come true. I have made friendships that I know will last for the rest of my life, and I have learned so much about this country and its culture. I honestly don't want to leave. I know I will be back here, hopefully sooner rather than later!"

"The interaction between the students and the faculty allowed learning to extend outside the classroom."

"The program directors made the experience worthwhile and memorable. The class was great and being at Trinity was a great experience."

"The people - so many inquisitive minds in such a beautiful, interesting locale."

"It was incredible--a perfect balance of academic and cultural experiences. And fun!"

"Everything was the best thing, I cannot choose one. Conor and Sarah have been amazing directors. They are both very smart and well-informed about the best things to take advantage of here in Dublin as well as around Ireland. They also understand very well what students our age would enjoy experiencing and have catered to the things we are interested in. This group of students itself is spectacular. Everyone has gotten along very well and had an overall great experience. Lastly, the classes have been superb. Both of the classes I took (Irish Culture and Creative Writing) had phenomenal professors."

"Getting to meet so many new and awesome people. Also, the weekend trips to the West and North were really great because we got to talk to locals and climb mountains and take amazing pictures."

"The program was carried out with all the students in mind. Alternate plans were arranged for those who did not want to participate in some of the physical activities. Also both the program director, Conor Creaney, and the program assistant, were extremely helpful in every step of the program. The best part about being in Ireland was definitely being able to see all different parts of the country and to be able to experience not just city living, but rural as well. The organization of the weekend trips made the trip the best that it could be."

"I had an absolutely wonderful time and learned a lot about Ireland. Both Conor and Sarah did a wonderful job of organizing the experience and being there to help out with anything that anyone needed. I will absolutely recommend this program to my friends and family who are looking to study abroad."

"It was so wonderful! Thank you NYU for the opportunity, I absolutely loved it!"


"I was very satisfied with the Trinity dorms. It was great having other students from the program in the same building."

"Better than anything in New York City!"

"Trinity housing is absolutely amazing - totally safe and comfortable."

"Great dorms, far better than I am used to."

"Very nice and one of the highlights of the program."

"The apartments were wonderful and extremely clean. They were also in a great location in order to be able to see the city. The apartments also offered a great sense of security."

"The rooms were very nice, and the Trinity cleaning staff were friendly. Having a kitchen was nice and we got to make some home cooked meals."

"It was perfect! Very safe and clean and well located!"

Program Activities:

"The program activities and trips were completely unparalleled. I cannot express how valuable they were to my experience on this trip."

"They exposed me to different aspects of Irish culture that I previously knew nothing about."

"They helped us to gain a better sense of the country and experience as a whole."

"The trips were extremely memorable. The connections that the program directors have with people knowledgeable about Ireland also made the trip unique and special. The hike with Michael Gibbons on Inishbofin was definitely a highlight."

"I enjoyed so much I think I'd type a whole essay about it, so I'll just leave it there."

"Well organized, Conor did a really great job planning out the activities."

"They were unique and we got to experience things we may not have gotten to do on our own."

"The program activities were designed with the students in mind. Also they were done in order for everyone to see as much of the country as possible. Also nothing was ever pushed on any of the students, there was a great sense of inclusion of all people's feelings and thoughts."

"They brought the whole group together and were always really fun and relevant to what we were learning. Plus, seeing Ireland is just a treat - everything is so beautiful."

"They taught us a lot about the history which was valuable to learn. I knew nothing about Irish history prior to the program and loved every minute of the education we received."

NYU in Dublin Program:
June 17- July 29

Now accepting applications!

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