We invite you to participate as a member of Glucksman Ireland House NYU and advance our dual mission of excellence in academic study and the presentation of cultural events to the New York public. 

"Support for NYU’s Irish studies program will be support for that which Irish studies stands for – a re-imagining of our past in order to better prefigure our future. This is a proud and great endeavor."
Seamus Heaney
Irish Poet and Nobel Laureate

"During its brief existence, Ireland House has done more than any other American institution to illuminate the complexities of the Irish experience, here and in Ireland. It has given us personal access to the finest writers, historians and thinkers in Ireland and in the Irish diaspora."
Pete Hamill
Author and Journalist
Member of the Glucksman Ireland House Advisory Board

"Since it was opened, Glucksman Ireland House at New York University has established itself as a central focus for Irish cultural activities in New York and a wonderful resource for Irish and Irish-American poets, writers, musicians, film-makers and historians."
Mary Robinson
President of Ireland 1990-1997 
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights 1997-2002

"Dynamic, varied and welcoming, Ireland House is a showpiece of contemporary Irish culture, emphasizing the hyphen in Irish-America in a constantly open, mutually enriching dialogue."
Kevin Whelan
Irish Historian