Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of background do I need to pursue the M.A. in Irish and Irish American Studies?

The faculty welcomes applications from those with traditional and non-traditional academic and professional backgrounds.  The ability to write clearly and persuasively weighs heavily in the admissions process, and must be demonstrated in the writing sample. 

2. How long does it take to complete the M.A.?

Typically students can complete the M.A. in three semesters study at the Washington Square campus.  A full course load is three courses (12 points) per semester.  The M.A. can be completed in one calendar year with Summer study in New York (Summer Session I) and in Dublin on the NYU in Dublin program (Summer II).

3. Do I need to take the GRE exam to apply?

The GRE exam is required by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  However, students applying to be admitted can apply without the GRE and complete the exam at a later date with their actual enrollment contingent on completion of the exam.

4. Is the program open to part-time students?

Yes.  Students must, however, complete the degree within five years of enrollment.  Students must take the Irish Studies Seminar I in their first semester in the M.A. program.

5. How do I go about applying?

Please see our M.A. Admission and Application page and NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' Application Resource Center for instructions on how to apply to the M.A. in Irish and Irish-American Studies.

6. Is the Irish language available as a course of study on the M.A.?

The Irish Studies program at NYU offers courses in the Irish language at the undergraduate level, and a one-semester introductory course in Irish (the Irish Studies Seminar II) is compulsory for students enrolled in the M.A.  The M.A. currently does not have faculty teaching advanced graduate coursework in Irish, although options for exchange study in Ireland are currently being pursued.  Students with previous study of the Irish language are excused from the Irish Studies Seminar II.

7. Is there financial aid available for M.A. students?

Some limited financial aid is available, typically in the form of loans and grants that match externally awarded scholarships.  For more detailed information, visit the website of the financial aid office of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Information on grants and fellowships is available on the Grants and Fellowships page of the the financial aid office site.

8. How much are tuition and fees for the M.A.?

The schedule for tuition and fees can be found on the bursar's office webpage.

9. Does NYU offer housing to M.A. students?

In general, no, NYU does not offer housing to M.A. students, although assistance is offered through the NYU Off Campus Housing Office.  Information for admitted students is available through the Off Campus Housing website.

10. Does NYU offer a Ph.D. in Irish Studies?

No.  Students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. on a topic related to Ireland must apply to a department that grants the Ph.D. degree, such as History, English, or American Studies.

11. Is there opportunity for non-degree audit of your graduate classes?

No.  Unfortunately this option is not available.  Individuals may consider part-time study of one course per semester, or may visit our Non-Credit Class page for this type of course.

12. How large are classes on the M.A. program?

Classes are run as seminars, with a limit of 20 students per class.

13. I have further questions.  To whom should I direct them?

Questions can be sent via e-mail to, which reaches the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Program Coordinator.