Post Colonial Ireland in the American Context This seminar examines the history of Ireland (including Northern Ireland), the United States, and significantly Irish America, as they have intersected or diverged over the course of the twentieth century. Rebels seized Dublin in April 1916 in the name of Ireland’s “exiled children in America,” recognizing the 2.3 million Irish-born living in the USA at that time. A new phase in Irish-American relations began with the creation of Northern Ireland in 1920 and the Irish Free State in 1922. Students will examine key themes that connect both countries over the course of the last century as well as interrogating an emerging historiography. (Fall 2017)

The emphasis of this course varies by semester and is designed to allow flexibility in course offerings by Ireland House faculty and by visiting scholars.

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Fall 2018

Marion R Casey
T: 6:10 PM - 8:40 PM ERIN 101