Global Diaspora:The Irish Case

Global Diaspora: The Irish Case The Irish have exemplified global patterns of migration over centuries. This course aims at a systematic exploration of the dispersal of Irish people around the world, focusing on their interaction with the various host cultures they have encountered both as settlers and in other roles. Particular attention will be given to the movements of Irish on the European continent and in Britain, the United States and Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand and South America. We will study the consequences of emigration for Ireland and for the receiving nations, as well as Ireland’s transformation in the late twentieth century from emigrant nursery to an emigrant destination. Starting with a chronological focus, the class them moves to a more geographic concentration on some of the most prominent Irish diasporic communities. As well as drawing on the literature extant in the field, this class will make use of oral histories, film and audio sources to explore the relevant themes and topics.

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Fall 2017

Barry McCarron
TR: 4:55 PM - 6:10 PM ERIN 102