Debates in Modern Irish History

SAME AS HIST-GA 1421, EURO-GA 1421, & DRAP-GA 1426.

Permission of dept required. Open to upper level undergraduates with permission of Director of Graduate Studies and instructor. This course seeks to analyze a selection of the intense debates in Ireland itself and abroad, especially in Britain and the USA, that characterize modern Irish history, concentrating on topics that transcend the specific Irish experience to raise issues of wider human import. It is equally a study of events and of their interpretation from various contested perspectives, and thus requires intense engagement with the historiography, and with the study of history as a mode of thought. The topics to be explored include the issues of Conquest, Collaboration, Assimilation and Resistance, viewed through the prism of Ireland and the British Empire, as reflected in a number of major topics, including: The Act of Union; The Great Irish Famine; Irish Diaspora; Issues of Irish Identity (as seen through Irish and British eyes via historical movements and events); the ethno-religious conflict in Northern Ireland since 1968; Ireland and Globalization.

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Fall 2018

Miriam A Nyhan
M: 6:10 PM - 8:40 PM ERIN 102