Glucksman Ireland House NYU's most recent publications include Ireland Allies: America and the 1916 Easter Rising, edited by Miriam Nyhan Grey (UCD Press, 2016) and Modern Ireland and Revolution: Ernie O'Malley in Context, edited by Cormac K. H. O'Malley (Irish Academic Press, 2016).

Ireland, France, and the Atlantic in a Time of War

Thomas M. Truxes

Fell Year

Kelly E. Sullivan

Ireland's Allies: America and the 1916 Easter Rising

Miriam Nyhan Grey

Ireland's Allies: America and the 1916 Easter Rising
Edited by Miriam Nyhan Grey
UCD Press 
ISBN-13: 9781910820131 (Hardcover) (2016)

Modern Ireland and Revolution: Ernie O'Malley in Context

Cormac K. H. O'Malley

The Bordeaux-Dublin Letters, 1757 Correspondence of an Irish Community Abroad

Edited by L. M. Cullen, John Shovlin, and Thomas M. Truxes

Oxford University Press, 330 Pages, 5 Maps and 4 Color Plates

ISBN # 978-0-19-726562-8 

Edited by Louis M. Cullen, John Shovlin, and Thomas M. Truxes 

The Bordeaux-Dublin Letters provides a fascinating 'snapshot' of a cross section of society in wartime through their investigation into 125 letters carried aboard a ship, the Two Sisters of Dublin, captured at sea in 1757, in the midst of the Seven Years' War (1756-1763). Most of these letters lay unopened for 250 years until they were rediscovered in the UK National Archives in 2011.

Making the Irish American: History & Heritage of the Irish in the United States

J.J. Lee and Marion R. Casey
Making the Irish American: History & Heritage of the Irish in the United States

Edited by J.J. Lee and Marion R. Casey
NYU Press, 736 pages, 70 illustrations  
ISBN 081475208X (cloth, publication date: 2/1/2006) 
ISBN 0814752187 (paperback, release date: 3/1/2007)


In Making the Irish American, J. J. Lee and Marion R. Casey offer a feast of twenty-nine perspectives on the turbulent, vital, endlessly fascinating story of the Irish in America. Combining original research with reprints of classic works, these essays and articles extend far beyond a survey to offer a truly rich understanding of the Irish immigrant impact on America, and America's impact on the Irish immigrant.

John Devoy's Catalpa Expedition

Philip Fennel and Mary King
John Devoy's Catalpa Expedition

Edited by Philip Fennell and Marie King, introduction by Terry Golway
NYU Press, 272 pages
ISBN 0814727484, Cloth, (2006)

The story of John Devoy's 1876 Catalpa rescue is a tale of heroism, creativity, and the triumph of independent spirit in pursuit of freedom.

The daily log on board the whaling ship Catalpa begins with the typical recount of a crew intact and a spirit unfettered, but such quiet words deceive the truth of the audacious enterprise that came to be known as one of the most important rescues in Irish-American history. John Devoy's men rescued six Irish political prisoners from the Australian coast, allowing millions of fellow Irishmen and American-Fenians, many of whom secretly financed the dangerous plot, to draw courage from the newly exiled prisoners.

Ireland: Contested Ideas of Nationalism and History

Hugh F. Kearney
Ireland: Contested Ideas of Nationalism and History

by Hugh F. Kearney 
NYU Press, 368 pages 
ISBN 0814748007, Cloth (2007)

What is the Irish nation? Who is included in it? Are its borders delimited by religion, ethnicity, language, or civic commitment? And how should we teach its history? These and other questions are carefully considered by distinguished historian Hugh F. Kearney in Ireland: Contested Ideas of Nationalism and History.

The insightful essays collected here all circle around Ireland, with the first section attending to questions of nationalism and the second addressing pivotal moments in the history and historiography of the isle. Kearney contends that Ireland represents a striking example of the power of nationalism, which, while unique in many ways, provides an illuminating case study for students of the modern world. He goes on to elaborate his revisionist "four nations" approach to Irish history.