Academic Initiatives

Glucksman Ireland House engages in a variety of projects and exhibitions that extend beyond the classroom.

Publications of Glucksman Ireland House NYU reflect the quality and breadth of academic interests. In addition to faculty monographs and a series with NYU Press, the American Journal of Irish Studies is published annually by Glucksman Ireland House NYU.

Glucksman Ireland House Oral History of Irish America Project preserves the history of the Irish in America through recorded interviews with a range of individuals. The collection of over 200 interviews is used in podcasts, teaching, and deposited in NYU's Archives of Irish America.

Irish Language at NYU - NYU Irish and Irish-American Studies Program is committed to a vibrant Irish-speaking New York City metropolitan area. In addition to four levels of undergraduate courses and graduate-level instruction supported by Ireland's Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht, Glucksman Ireland House NYU also offers various Irish language resources for the public.

NYU's Archives of Irish America is a repository of primary research materials that assists students, faculty and visiting scholars in evaluating the Irish impact on the history of American social and cultural development, as well as the evolution of a specifically Irish-American identity.

The Glucksman Ireland House NYU Research Collective is a digital commons platform for a wide range of faculty, student, and public collaborative projects. Membership is open to all in the Irish Studies community to engage in forum discussions, form groups around scholarly interests, incorporate online media into teaching, build websites, and network with scholars in the field.