IR Advisory Board

The Program in International Relations is an autonomous component of the Politics Department that provides an interdisciplinary graduate education. As such, the IR Program Director, Professor Michael John Williams, works with an interdepartmental Academic Advisory Board, composed of tenured professors from across the Graduate School, to ensure that our MA students receive a rigorous, first-rate graduate degree in the scholarly field of International Relations.

Kevin Davis

Belfer Professor of Law
Vice Dean, NYU Law

David Denoon

Professor of Politics

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Professor of Italian Studies, History

Michael Gilligan

Professor of Politics, Graduate Studies Coordinator

Bruce Grant

Professor of Anthropology

Anna Harvey

Professor of Politics
nterim Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Brooke Kroeger

Professor of Journalism, Arthur Carter Institute for Journalism

Anne Lounsbery

Associate Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies
Chair of Russian and Slavic Studies

Alastair Smith

Professor of Politics
Chair of Politics

Paul Smoke

Professor of Public Finance and Planning, NYU Wagner
Director of International Specialization

David Stasavage

Silver Professor of Politics

Joshua Tucker

Professor of Politics, Russian & Slavic Studies

Barbara Weinstein

Silver Professor of History; Chair of History

Larry Wolff

Silver Professor of History
Director, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies