UN in the New World Disorder

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Mar. 28

6:00pm - 9:00pm

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The relationship between the United States and the countries of Europe has been a cornerstone of the liberal world order established in the wake of World War II. However, it is increasingly apparent that the relationship is under strain and that other countries and regions have potentially conflicting visions regarding how the regulation of international society should be achieved. The NYU Program in International Relations is therefore pleased to partner with LeMonde Diplomatique to offer a series of three discussions on the future of transatlantic relations and the maintenance of the liberal world order in the coming decade. Each event will focus on a specific pillar of the relationship and will include speakers from the United States, Europe and Canada. These events are open to the public and the media are welcome to attend. RSVP via the NYU IR website is required for admission. Seating capacity is limited, so reserve your place early to ensure admission.