NYU offers a number of degree options in International Relations. Students can study for the MA in International Relations (MAIR) or they can select to study for an MAIR with a regional concentration. Students may also choose to pursue an IR degree with a specific functional specialization: the MA in International Politics and International Business (MAIR-IPB), taught in conjunction with the Stern School of Business. Students can also study for a joint MA in International Relations and Journalism (MA-JIN), offered in partnership with the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Our core academic offering, the MA in International Relations, prepares students for careers as professionals, practitioners, and scholars in the field of international relations. The program’s rigorous academics and comprehensive focus on professional development trains students to work for governments, think tanks, multilateral organizations, private corporations, consulting firms, non-governmental organizations, and leading universities.

The MAIR with International Politics and International Business is a specialized curriculum aimed at students looking to work primarily in fields where international affairs and international business intersect. Students studying on the IPIB course generally go on to work in the private sector as political risk analysts, consultants and other related occupations.

The joint MA degree program in International Relations and Journalism produces graduates with strong journalistic skills and an expert knowledge of international affairs enabling them not only to report the news, but also to offer rigorous analysis and synthesis in their reporting and writing. Students gain a wide-ranging understanding of political and international issues while also sharpening their ability to research, report, and write for a sophisticated general public.