Global Finance

"This course looks at international finance and its crucial connections with international business practices and with the policy challenges of economic globalization and interdependence. The course examines the roles that governments and international institutions play in the global financial integration process both in terms of regulation and supervision. We shall also look at the impact on global financial markets by a plurality of participants---central banks and treasuries; financial intermediaries and foreign exchange dealers, both bank and non-bank; individuals and firms engaged in commercial and investment activities; and speculators and arbitrageurs. The emphasis will be on the identification of key ideas, theories, techniques, and strategies underlying the behavior of all players. Through lectures, in-class training, discussions, and the examination of case studies, students will deepen their understanding of some of the most powerful actors and forces in the world economy and the current debates concerning them. More broadly, the course draws lessons from political science, economics, business, law, history, sociology and psychology in order to understand the multiple challenges faced by decision makers not just in the private but also in the public and nonprofit sectors. Overall the teaching is informed by the sharing with the students of insights derived from multiple disciplines, cultures, and languages to help them gain valuable real-world skills."

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Spring 2018

Giuseppe Ammendola
T: 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM RUBN 104