Top Ten Reasons to Study IR at NYU

  1. Small Class Sizes: Our average seminar has 9 students.
  2. Personalized Attention: Our priority is your education.
  3. Top Scholars & Rigor: The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is one of the leading graduate schools in the world. MA students have the opportunity to work with scholars that are leaders in their fields.
  4. Diversity: 59% of the students in NYU’s MA in International Relations are from outside the United States.
  5. Policy and Practice: Our scholars are first rate and so are our practitioners. The IR program offers courses taught by diplomats, intelligence analysts, press secretaries, special advisors and development workers just to name a few of the diverse professions of our part-time faculty. IR Program faculty bring the real world into the classroom every day.
  6. The United Nations: Interested in global order? A majority of our students intern at the UN during their studies at NYU and many of them go on to work at UNHQ or UN agencies.
  7. International Finance: Home to the world financial community, NYU offers unparalleled opportunities for students to merge business and economics with world politics. We even offer a special program in International Politics and International Business.
  8. Options: Can’t decide between doing an MA in New York and Washington DC? NYU offers courses and internships at our main campus on Washington Square and at our DC campus on L-Street.
  9. Study Abroad: Can’t decide between doing an MA in New York or London? Or Paris? Or Berlin? The IR program offers study opportunities at NYU London, as well as across Europe and the Middle East. Programs vary by demand and other considerations, but if you want to study abroad, NYU’s global network university can get you there.
  10. New York City: need we say more?

P.S. If that is not enough then take a look a Forbes' recent ranking of Best and Worst Master's Degrees for Jobs in 2014 in which International Relations was ranked No.5 Best Master's Degree with a mid-career median pay of $97,500 and a 21% projected employment increase. Why not get the No.5 best Master's in one of the world's most international cities!

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