Foreign Area Officers

The Program in International Relations at New York University welcomes US military Foreign Area Officers into the graduate program. The MA in International Relations helps to prepare commissioned officers with a unique combination of strategic focus, regional expertise, foreign language proficiency, and professional military skills and experience. 

The IR Program works with FAO students to devise a course of study that prepares them to become ‘Soldier-Statesmen’ with a skill set that includes the ability to provide senior policy makers on international political-military operations; the production of cultural, regional and interagency expertise; and the ability to build and strengthen diplomatic and cooperative relationships with foreign policy-makers. 

The IR Program and the Graduate School of Arts and Science at NYU work with FAO candidates to provide a funding package to facilitate their academic studies at the university. For more information on the FAO program please email the Director, Prof. Michael John Williams.

The FAO program is open only to serving US military officers selected by their service for further study.