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IFS Advising

Course Information

Registration Eligibility

Certification of Full-Time Status

Maintenance of Matriculation (MM)

Graduation Procedures

I. IFS Advising

All students must schedule an advising session with IFS faculty before registering for classes. Advising sign-up sheets for each semester's courses are posted as follows:

Fall semester Continuing students April of the previous semester
  Incoming students First week of September (Orientation Day)
Spring semester All students December of the previous semester

To prepare for advising sessions, please look at the course listings as well as program requirements.


II. Course Information

IFS course information is available on both the IFS website and the NYU registrar's web page (


III. Registration Eligibility

Graduate students register for classes directly via Albert, NYU's web-based registration system. The Registrar's office will only allow students in good standing to register. That means having a record of continuous enrollment at NYU (i.e., no semesters in which students did not enroll or maintain matriculation) and that all relevant tuition and fees have been paid.

Through this site, students can change address information, view transcripts, review financial aid information, and register for courses.  Students can access ALBERT by logging in to the NYU home page at, clicking the Academics tab, and then clicking the Student Login on the left of the page.  (First time users activate their NetID here; see small print on left of NYU Home page.)  ALBERT can also be accessed directly by going to and entering a student ID number (N number) and PIN.  To set up a PIN, call Registration at 212-998-4290.

IV. Certification of Full-Time Status

Students may need full time status to be eligible for visas or deferment of student loans.  If students register for at least 12 points (3 courses), they are considered full time and do not need to take any additional action.

V. Time to Degree

GSAS regulations require that students complete the M.A. within three years and the Ph.D. no later than ten years from the initial date of matriculation or seven years from the time of matriculation if the student enters the Ph.D. program having been given transfer credit for more than 23 points.  Students exceeding the time to degree limits will be dropped from the program.  Under certain conditions, the IFS Director of Graduate Studies may ask the GSAS dean to approve a one-year extension.  Note that the time-to-degree clock does not stop during leaves of absence.

VI. Maintenance of Matriculation (MM)

GSAS requires continuous enrollment of its students each fall and spring semester until the relevant degree is granted. Registration for MM and payment of the fee entitles students to use the libraries and other research facilities, consult faculty members, participate in University activities, and use University Health Services. MacCracken Fellowships typically include Maintenance of Matriculation until the completion of the student's fifth year. Students are then eligible for Maintenance of Matriculation Fee Waivers for up to four more semesters.

VII. Graduation Procedures

To prepare for graduation, please be sure to take the following steps:

Sign up for exams (and pass them) - All students who plan to take M.A. or Ph.D. exams should fill out an Examination Application form at least 2 months prior to the anticipated exam date. This form must be signed by the IFS advisor and submitted to the IFS student affairs coordinator. 

Apply for graduation - To ensure that a degree is conferred, students must apply for graduation approximately four months before the expected date of graduation. Students apply for graduation through Albert via NYU Home. Deadlines and detailed instructions can be found on the registrar's website

Prepare to submit dissertation - The regulations on submitting dissertations are very strict, and are administered by the Office of Student Affairs at 6 Washington Square North.  As soon as students are ready to begin writing their dissertations, they should look at the GSAS Doctoral Dissertation Formatting guide, which describes how the dissertation must be laid out to fulfill the GSAS requirements (  Please read the section on formatting the dissertation carefully, because the rules on page margins, footnote format, etc. must be followed precisely.

The composition of dissertation defense committees is also governed by GSAS regulations.  Committees must comprise at least 5 members, including at least 3 GSAS faculty.  If students plan to have non-NYU faculty on their committee, they must give the IFS student affairs coordinator a copy of the professor’s résumé at least 2 months prior to the dissertation defense, so the external member can be approved.

A candidate for a Ph.D. degree must read the Doctoral Dissertation Submission Guidelines at and submit the forms from the Ph.D. Dissertation Submission Packet ( to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. The on-line packet outlines the procedures and deadlines for preliminary and final submission of the dissertation, including necessary forms, payment, typography and pagination. Students should be aware that GSAS deadlines precede University deadlines.

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