Certificate Program

Certificate of Achievement in French Studies

The IFS Certificate is intended

  • for graduate students enrolled in other NYU departments or schools,
  • for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of France

The Certificate requires completion of any 4 IFS courses (16 points) with at least a B average. There are no further examination or specific course requirements.

You may find information about federally-mandated Gainful Employment Disclosure here.

For admission to the program

Note: Certificate students will receive a standard admission letter from GSAS, which may mention a deposit and/or financial aid. This information can be disregarded.

To get the certificate

When all four IFS courses are completed, students must apply for graduation from the Certificate Program by calling Graduation Services at 212-998-4260.

The IFS Director of Graduate Studies will then send a memo to Graduation Services confirming that requirements for the certificate have been completed.

Certificate of Achievement in French Studies

for NYU's French Department Doctoral Students

Through a special arrangement with the Graduate School, doctoral students in the French Department can earn the Certificate of Achievement in French Studies by completing any four IFS courses (with at least a B average).

  • Students wishing to supplement their literary studies with work on French society, politics and culture are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • It may also help to certify students' competence to teach French civilization when they seek academic posts in the future.

Two of the four courses must be counted within the 72 points allowed for with a MacCracken Fellowship. The two additional courses are free for MacCracken Fellows, bringing their total points to 80. Students should also note that when enrolling in a course that is cross-listed, the student must register for the 'IFST' section. 

To enroll in the certificate program, please contact the IFS Director of Graduate Studies, Frédéric Viguier (fv6@nyu.edu).