About Us

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, the Institute of French Studies is a leading center for the study of modern France and the Francophone world. At the IFS, historians and social scientists explore French politics, society and culture in a global context. Our graduate seminars introduce master-degree students to the human sciences and PhD candidates to disciplinary knowledge and multidisciplinary points of view. Through public programs, we help keep New Yorkers informed about contemporary France and its connections to the US, Europe and the wider world.

The Institute of French Studies is a unique center for the study of French culture, society and history.

We bring together anthropologists, art historians, historians, literary scholars, political scientists, and sociologists from across NYU and from major French institutions. Together, these distinguished faculty provide an overview of modern France unmatched in quality anywhere else. Our faculty also examine Franco-American relations, immigration and multiculturalism, the colonial past, the Francophone world, and the European Community.

No other university in the country offers such a broad interdisciplinary approach to modern France. As a result, we attract a diverse group of students with richly varied interests and expertise.

Our academic and outreach programs offer students a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Access to distinguished French professors, all leading experts in their fields, who join us each year;
  • A variety of degree options, such as dual degree programs with NYU's law and business schools and department of journalism, and joint PhD programs in French Studies and either history, or French literature
  • A summer program in Paris;
  • The ability to earn an M.A. in one calendar year
  • A solid academic foundation that paves the way for many rewarding careers;
  • The ability to live in New York City and study in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Even in a challenging job market, I am proud to say that our graduates are well prepared and have done remarkably well. Our prime location in New York City is a bonus for many students whose skills and experience qualify them for careers in environments as varied as multinational corporations, cultural and philanthropic organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Please explore all that we have to offer and feel free to contact me directly.


Edward Berenson
Director, Institute of French Studies