Welcome to the Division of the Humanities of NYU’s Faculty of Arts and Science.

Humanistic inquiry teaches us how to understand, describe, analyze, critique, and transform our world. The Humanities challenge us to think critically not only about our past and our present, but also about possible futures, about who and what we are and, as importantly, who and what we could or should or might be.

NYU, a university “in and of the city” that has grown to become, also, “in and of the world”, is proudly home to many of the leading Humanities programs and Departments in the US and beyond. The global reach of the university, combined with our privileged location in New York City, enables engagement with an unparalleled breadth of humanistic thought, expression and creation.

The Humanities at NYU are the very cornerstone of a liberal arts education dedicated to open inquiry and expression. The questions they raise are indispensable to civil society and to every branch of learning, not just arts and literatures, languages and cultures, religion and philosophy, but law, medicine, science, economics, technology, environmental studies, education, and politics.

As Dean for the Humanities, I invite you to explore these pages and begin to discover just how strong the Humanities are at NYU.  I encourage you to explore our extraordinary courses and programs of study, our rich artistic and cultural offerings, our opportunities for original research and collaboration, and the brilliant work of our world-class faculty and students.

Georgina Dopico
Dean for the Humanities