Department of History

Letter from the Chair, David Ludden

Welcome to the website of the History Department at New York University.  I invite you to spend a few minutes learning about our programs, our faculty, students, academic activities, and public programs through our website.

Our faculty and students study history from ancient times to the present and subjects ranging from empires to women and gender, the environment and climate change to political economy and law, and popular culture and intellectual life to science, technology, and medicine. Our expertise and teaching cover the world, as our faculty specialize in studies of North and South America, the Caribbean, and Atlantic World; all of Europe and Russia; Africa and the worldwide African Diaspora; Middle East; and East, Central and South Asia. 

The department actively supports and encourages innovation in teaching and research, including the use of new technology. We are committed to increasing and enriching diversity among our faculty and students. We are deeply and extensively engaged in transnational networks of knowledge production and education. We travel freely, in person and on the internet, among NYU’s many academic sites and three college campuses, while we are also intensely involved in learning, teaching, and progressive work in our New York City neighborhood.

Our undergraduate teaching includes a collection of Freshman Seminars and large lecture courses in the Core Curriculum. We offer large courses that cover a broad range of general interests, as well as many small courses, including introductory seminars and advanced seminars where student combine analytical sophistication with careful, original archival research. Our History Major encourages students to design individual programs crossing traditional academic boundaries. Many students do the History Major in a double major program or devise major-minor combinations. Students can also publish research papers in The Historian, the oldest undergraduate History journal in the United States.

New York City is an exciting place for any student of history. It has vast resources for research. The NYU history community benefits from close proximity to many libraries and archives. NYU libraries provide an excellent research base and point of departure for learning on any topic. We host frequent talks by distinguished visitors and public lectures that generate conversations that spill over into hallways, faculty offices, and local cafés. 

Our department has a wonderfully helpful professional staff. Students can always find welcoming smiles in our offices, where knowledgeable administrators and faculty will happily answer any questions concerning studies and life at NYU. We are also ready to support student initiatives to create and participate in intellectual communities that extend beyond the classroom, and we encourage students at all levels to take advantage of the programs offered at NYU’s many study-away sites.

We look forward to seeing you.



David Ludden

Department Chair