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This course explores the power dynamics of gender relations in East Asian history. Examining scholarship that challenges the lineal understanding of the “progression” of East Asia toward gender equality, it leads students to reevaluate the role of “Confucian” orthodox and “Western” influence on gender hierarchies in pre-modern and modern East Asia. It aims to enable students to understand women’s and men’s life choices in various historical settings. At the same time, this course guides students to develop gender-related projects of their own choice from tentative proposals to research papers based on their examination of primary sources. In the first half of each class meeting, the instructor offers a lecture that will frame the discussion of assigned readings in which students will participate in the second half of the class meeting. Students will initiate and develop their own in-depth research on gender-related issues that will materialize as final essays. Those whose geographical fields of expertise are not China, Korea, or Japan are encouraged to base their final papers on their analysis of primary sources in their working languages.

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Spring 2018

Yue Du
T: 9:30 AM - 12:15 PM KJCC 602