Internship Seminar

This course is designed to accompany a 120-hour internship work experience at a selected archival repository or public history site. Students will have opportunities to report on and discuss their internship experiences with each other and the instructor. The course will also address various aspects of the professional practice of public history and archives, including organizational structures, leadership, professional societies, and funding sources, with presentations by professionals in the field. Introduction to Public History or Introduction to Archives are a prerequisite for this course.

Seminar setting in which students consider a variety of issues and topics relating to their fieldwork sites and internship venues. Topics include public policy, historic site interpretation, digital humanities, current archival and museological theory, and leadership in cultural institutions. Students complete a 120-hour internship/practicum at a cooperating archives or public history site, arranged through the program director.

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Spring 2018

Marie Ellen Noonan
M: 4:55 PM - 7:35 PM KJCC 607