Hist of Modern Ireland I: 1580-1800

History of Ireland I (1534–1800) is a survey of the principal events, conditions, and historical figures that shaped Irish history from the initiation of Tudor colonization (c. 1534) to the Act of Union (1800). This was a turbulent—and violent—period in Irish history. Among the topics covered in this course are Tudor colonization; the impact of the English Reformation on Ireland; the Gaelic pushback against English encroachments; Ireland under the Stuarts; 1641 and Confederate Ireland; the Williamite War and formation of the Protestant Ascendancy; the Penal Laws; the emergence of Irish nationalism; Ireland and the Enlightenment; 18th-century political, economic and societal transformations; Ireland in the Age of Revolutions; Ireland’s violent Rising of 1798; and the Act of Union. Counts toward Advanced European AND Pre-1800 requirements for History majors.

Examines the English conquest of Ireland from the reign of Elizabeth I to the last meeting of the Irish Parliament. Key themes include the plantation of Ireland with settlers from England, Scotland, and Wales, the decline of the Gaelic political order and culture, the religious reformation and Counter Reformation, Ireland as a site of English and European wars, the imposition of a penal code, and the vain attempt to rebel against British rule in the late 18th century resulting in the Act of Union, which disestablished the Irish Parliament in Dublin.

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Fall 2017

Thomas M Truxes
MW: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM ERIN 102