Creating Digital History

A hands-on introduction to “doing history” in the digital age, this course focuses on the evolving methodologies and tools used by public historians to collect, preserve, and present digital sources. Students will become familiar with a range of web-based tools, such as Omeka, and learn best practices for digitizing, adding metadata, tagging, and clearing permissions. By evaluating existing digital history projects and discussing perspectives from leading practitioners, students will also consider the role of the general public as both audiences for, and co-creators of, digital history. The core requirement is a collaborative digital history archive and exhibit that will be developed throughout the semester on a selected historical theme.

This course will focus on the skills that students need in order to build or contribute to history websites, digital archives, and online exhibits. Students will learn such tools as HTML, CSS, WordPress, Omeka, and MIT?s Simile and Timeline, and will also use such Web 2.0 tools as CiteULike,, Twitter, and Wikipedia. Discussions will focus on such digital history issues as how to convey a context for online historical documents.

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4 Points

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Fall 2017

Leah Yale Potter
M: 4:55 PM - 7:35 PM KJCC 602