Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Fellows

The Taub Center hosts Visiting Scholars, Postdoctoral/Research Fellows and Visiting Professors in Israel Studies. Research Fellowships are occasionally available and will be announced on the Taub Center website. Candidates with partial outside funding can also be assisted with supplemental funding. Contact the Taub Center for additional details.



Current Postdoctoral Fellows (2016 - 2017)

Seth Anziska, Taub Postdoctoral Fellow









Seth Anziska is the Mohamed S. Farsi-Polonsky Lecturer in Jewish-Muslim Relations at University College London and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Taub Center for Israel Studies at New York University. His research and teaching focuses on Israeli and Palestinian society and culture, modern Middle Eastern history, and contemporary Arab and Jewish politics. Seth received his PhD in International and Global History, with distinction, from Columbia University (2015), his M. Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from St. Antony’s College, Oxford (2008), and his BA in history, cum laude, from Columbia University (2006). He is currently working on a book manuscript based on his dissertation, “Camp David’s Shadow: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinian Question, 1977-1993,” which was awarded the Oxford University Press Dissertation Prize in International History and was nominated for Columbia’s Bancroft Award and Baron Prize. Utilizing newly released archival materials and oral history interviews from across Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, the US, and the UK, the manuscript examines the emergence of the 1978 Camp David Accords and the consequences of international diplomacy in circumscribing Palestinian self-determination. Seth has written for The New York Times, the Norwegian Peacebuilding Research Centre, and is a non-resident visiting fellow at the US/Middle East Project.


Lior Lehrs, Israel Institute Postdoctoral Fellow








Lior Lehrs is an Israel Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at the Taub Center for Israel Studies at New York University. His areas of research are the theory and history of conflict resolution, diplomacy, and negotiations. He focuses on the Israeli-Arab and Northern Ireland conflicts, unofficial diplomacy, and Jerusalem in the Israeli-Palestinian context. Lior wrote his doctoral thesis, “private peace entrepreneurs in conflict resolution processes,” in the department of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research analyzed the phenomenon of Private Peace Entrepreneurs, who are private citizens with no official authority who initiate diplomatic correspondence with official representatives from the other side of the conflict in order to promote a conflict resolution process. The research combined theoretical discussion with historical analysis, examining four empirical cases from different conflict areas: the Cold War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Northern Ireland and Germany-England before World War I. Prior to his position at the Taub Center, Lior was a researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, where he focused on the topic of Jerusalem within Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations and on conflicts in holy sites. He is also a Fellow at Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, and he was a Doctoral Fellow at Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace



Current Visiting Scholars (2016 - 2017)


Galeet Dardashti








Galeet Dardashti earned her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin.  Her dissertation received support from Fulbright Hays, the Foundation for Jewish Culture, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, among others.  Dr. Dardashti’s primary research interests in Israel studies are: Mizrahi music and identity, Israeli cultural politics, Arab/Jewish artistic “coexistence,” and exploring theoretically what drives artistic production in Israel and our globalized world. Of her many published articles, her most recent, “‘Music of Peace’ at a Time of War: Middle Eastern Music Amidst the Second Intifada,” appears in the 2012 book Narratives of Dissent: War in Contemporary Arts and Culture. Dr. Dardashti has previously taught at Purchase College, The Jewish Theological Seminary’s List College, and Hebrew Union College.  She is also an active performer of traditional and original Middle Eastern and Arab Jewish music with her critically acclaimed projects Divahn, The Naming, and Monajat and offers scholar/artist-in residencies at universities, community centers, and synagogues throughout the country.

Moti Gigi, Sapir Academic College










Dr. Moti Gigi is a lecturer and academic advisor in the Department of Communications at Sapir Academic College. His primary areas of interest span the sociology of center and periphery, ethnicity, development towns and kibbutzim, the sociology of Israeli politics and mass media. Moti joined the Department of Communications at Sapir College in 2001, and was nominated as senior staff member in 2011. In 2012, Moti wrote the article “From Campus to the Port: Coverage of Strikes and Strikers in Israeli Media” for Israeli Sociology, 14 (1): 29-57 [Hebrew] for the Class and Identity research group at the Van-Leer Institute in Jerusalem.

Moti has a PhD in sociology from Ben-Gurion University in 2016. His dissertation examines the power relations of development towns and Kibbutzim from 1950-2012, focusing on Sderot and Sha'ar- Hanegev Regional Council. Parts of his research were presented in the 2013 AIS conference at UCLA and at the Yad-Izhak Ben-Zvi Institute in Jerusalem in 2016.  Moti will be a visiting scholar at NYU's Taub Center for Israel Studies during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Moti’s additional professional activities also include worldwide research with UNESCO on media coverage of young adults in Israel. He was also the Chairman of the Sapir Staff Union for the last six years, a volunteer in the NGO of the Cinematheque in Sderot, and a member of the German-Israeli-Palestinian joint project of FAB (Friendship across Borders).

Zohar Segev, University of Haifa








Dr. Zohar Segev is a professor of Jewish History at the University of Haifa. Professor Segev teaches courses on American Jewish History and Zionist History. Professor Segev is also the head of the Wolfson Chair in Jewish Religious Thought and Heritage. He is the author of From Ethnic Politicians to National Leaders: American Zionist Leadership, the Holocaust and the Establishment of Israel published by Ben Gurion University press (2007) and The World Jewish Congress During the Holocaust: Between Activism and Restraint published by De Gruyter Press (July 2014).

Professor Segev’s current project explores the biography of a group of Jewish activists who emigrated from Europe to USA during the 1930s and beginning of the 1940. Later, after 1948, they immigrated to Israel. The Jewish Activists - Jacob Robinson, Arieh Tartakower, and Leon Kubowitzki (Kubovy) - were active in Jewish circles in the USA during the Second World War, and after 1948, held important and significant positions in the Israeli bureaucracy.



Past Visiting Professors (2009 - 2016)


2009 - 2010

Gur Alroey, University of Haifa


2010 - 2011

Uri Bialer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Gur Alroey, University of Haifa


2012 - 2013

Anat Maor, Open University


2013 - 2014

Mark H. Gelber, Ben Gurion University

Hillel Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Uri Ram, Ben Gurion University


2014 - 2015

Moshe Maor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sammy Smooha, University of Haifa


2015 - 2016

Bat-Zion Klorman-Eraqi, Open University of Israel

Yaron Tsur, Tel Aviv University



Past Postdoctoral Fellows (2009 - 2016)



Shaul Shenhav (Fulbright Scholar)


Nadav Shelef (Fulbright Scholar) 

Avi Picard (Fulbright Scholar)


Rakefet Zalashik, (Dorot Fellow)


Uriel Abulof (Fulbright Scholar)


Adi Portughies (Schusterman Fellow)


Itamar Radai (Schusterman Fellow)

Dror Posta (Meyers Family Fellow)


Yali Hashash (Schusterman Fellow)

Michal Koreh (Schusterman Fellow)

Amr Yossef (Taub Fellow)


Ari Ariel (Dorot Fellow)

Galeet Dardashti (Taub Fellow)

Nimrod Hagiladi (Taub-Schusterman Fellow)

Ariel Zellman (AICE / Schusterman Fellow)


Leena Dallasheh (Meyers-Taub Fellow)

Avner Molcho (Taub-Schusterman Fellow)

Bryan K. Roby (Taub-Schusterman Fellow)


Ori Yehudai, (Taub-Schusterman Fellow)

Rona Yona, (Israel Institute Fellow)

Rami Zeedan, (Taub-Schusterman Fellow)


Avi Shilon, (Israel Institute-Taub Fellow)

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury, (Meyers-Taub Fellow)


Past Visiting Scholars (2005 - 2016)



Aviva Halamish, Open University of Israel


Moshe Schwartz, Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Aron Shai (Schusterman Visiting Fellow), Tel-Aviv University, Israel


Fred Lazin, Ben-Gurion University, Israel


Fred Lazin, Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Motti Golani, Haifa University, Israel


Yossi Ben-Artzi, Haifa University, Israel


Yossi Dahan, Academic Center of Law and Business, Israel

Henriette Dahan-Kalev, Ben-Gurion University, Israel


Lilach Rosenberg-Friedman, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Taro Tsurumi, University of Tokyo, Japan


Boaz Hagin, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Anat Mooreville, UCLA

Taro Tsurumi, University of Tokyo, Japan


Yitzhak Conforti, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Galeet Dardashti

Dafna Hirsch, Open University, Israel

Fred Lazin, Ben-Gurion University


Galeet Dardashti

Fred Lazin, Ben-Gurion University

Zeev Rosenhek, Open University of Israel

Orli Sela, Rockefeller University