Graduate Programs

Our Department's primary purpose is to train scholars in the areas of Jewish literature, religion, history, and thought who have mastered both a body of knowledge relating specifically to Jewish studies and the canons and practices of a general academic discipline. 

Courses are offered in biblical studies; postbiblical and Talmudic literature; medieval and modern Hebrew literature; history of the Jews in the ancient, medieval, and modern periods; Jewish philosophy, religious expression, and mysticism; Israel studies; and related fields. Course offerings are frequently augmented by outstanding visiting scholars from Israel.  Many courses involve the reading of Hebrew texts, and some are conducted in Hebrew. Students structure individual programs according to their areas of interest.

Fall 2016 Graduate Course List

Graduate Conversational Hebrew Class


Master's Programs

Master's in Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Master's in Ancient Near East and Egyptian Studies

Dual Degree MA in Hebrew in Judaic Studies (GSAS)/ Master's in Public Administration (Wagner)

Dual Degree MA in Hebrew and Judaic Studies (GSAS)/ Master's of Science in Library and Information Science (LIU - Palmer School)


Doctoral Programs

PhD in Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Joint PhD in Hebrew and Judaic Studies/History