Undergraduate Program

The German department’s undergraduate program offers a broad range of courses in the language, cultures, and literature of German-speaking countries. We offer a major in German Literature and Culture, as well as a minor in German Language. One can also pursue a joint major in German and Linguistics.

Along with its German language program, the department offers interdisciplinary courses taught in English that address issues of German culture, history, philosophy, art, and literature for students who do not have German language skills.

The department sponsors a Brown Bag lunch series, semester parties, two student clubs, “Goethes Tisch” and “Immersion Club,” as well as a series of annual awards in recognition of outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in the study of German language and literature. Deutsches Haus, the German cultural center at NYU, provides a rich program of films, concerts, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions.

The Department of German places high priority on fostering personal contact between faculty and students, maintains relatively small class sizes (15 or fewer students, on average), and offers comfortable spaces for socializing, studying, and holding informal meetings. Advanced courses and some basic language courses are taught by full-time faculty members, all of whom are also involved in student advising.

Tutoring in the German Department

Fall 2017

Tutor: TBD
Dates & Times: TBD

Every student who is learning another language will encounter certain stumbling blocks along the way: be it pronunciation and wrapping your tongue around the new sounds and those weird “umlauts” (ä, ü, ö), be that a grammatical structure that causes you a headache, write a text or hold a conversation in German, or a dozen other issues that you might struggle with. You are no longer alone. Aside from your teachers and their office hours where you always find help, we now offer free, not-for-credit tutorials to assist you with your individual learning curve. Your tutor offers five hours a week to work with you on a one-on-one basis. Just sign up weekly, regardless of your proficiency level, and get the most out of your German learning experience. Shortly, you will receive a link by which you can sign up for 20 minute sessions (up to two sessions per booking), but until we are completely set up, please get in touch with the tutor via e-mail directly to secure your first meeting, starting after Labor Day next week.