Fall 2018 Undergraduate Courses

GERM-UA 111, Conversation and Composition:

Freundschaft, Feindschaft, Freindschaft / Friendship, Enmity, Frienmity

GERM-UA 133, German Culture 1890-1989:

From the Margins: Minorities and Counterculture


The Normal and the Abnormal: Intellectual History of Sex, Power, Gender and the Psyche, 1900-2000

GERM-UA 249, Introduction to Theory:

German Media Theory: On Films, Filters, and Fascism

GERM-UA 297, Topics in 19th Century Literature:

Humans, Animals, Hybrids

GERM-UA 369, Post-1945 German Literature:

Contemporary Jewish Writing in Germany and Austria

GERM-UA 390, Topics in German Cinema:

Contemporary German Film