Fall 2018 Graduate Courses

GERM-GA 1005, Surrealism & Dadaism in Lit:

Theory and Poetics of Avant-garde Literature (1900-1930)

GERM-GA 1112, problems in critical theory:

Face Value: The Theater of Theory

GERM- GA 1512


GERM-GA 1900, Skepticism & Mod Lit:

Suspicion: Signs of Modernity

GERM-GA 2222, Topics in 20th Century German Culture:

Film and Philosophy

GERM-GA 3629

Spinoza, Leibniz, and Theory: Styles of Thought

GERM-GA 2912, Literature & Philosophy:

Justifications: Law & Literature

sex and the failed absolute

Lecture series presented by Slavoj Žižek (non-credit)