Recently Defended Dissertations


Christopher Bonner
The Alignment of Writing: Cold War Geopolitics and Literary Form in French Caribbean Literature
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Laura Hughes
“For Life”: Cixous’s and Derrida’s Shared Archives
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Joshua Jordan   
Henri Michaux and the Potential of Politics
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Youna Kwak
The Intimacy Effect: Life After the Death of Roland Barthes
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Myron McShane
Jean Dorat’s Prophetic Practices: Poetry, Philology and Interpretation
Director: Prof. Benoit Bolduc

Julie Sage
Vies horizontales: Figures de l'homme chez André Gide, Paul Valéry
et Henri Michaux
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Raphael Sigal

Antonin Artaud: le sens de la lecture
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier



Nicola Louise Agate  
Terrains Vagues: Naturalist Landscapes in Flux
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Matthew H. Amos
Sharing Absence: Dialogues of Experience in and around Maurice Blanchot
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Alexandre Bonafos 
Heritage in Print: Textual and Iconographic Representation of Historical Monuments in French Travel Writing (1800-1850)
Directors: Prof. Stéphane Gerson and Prof. Richard Sieburth

Anne Brancky

Marguerite Duras: Rewriting the Crime
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Iris Brey

Monstrous Mothers in French Contemporary Cinema
Director: Prof. Emily Apter and Prof. Ludovic Cortade

Aurélie Chatton             
Vers la pensée archipélique: Variations thé âtre/cinéma chez Marguerite Duras, Robert Lepage et Wajdi Mouawad
Directors: Prof. Ludovic Cortade and Prof. Judith Miller

Niamh Helena Duggan

Solitary Relation: Huysmans, Colette, Rachilde, and Natalie Clifford Barney
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Wesley F. Gunter

From Perception to Transcendence: Sartre's Critique of Contemplation
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Julie Hugonny
Le Dernier Homme: Littérature d’anticipation apocalyptique du début du XIXème siècle à la Première Guerre Mondiale
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Lindsay Fara Kaplan 

When Fiction Made History: Cultural Memory and Fictional Representations of October 17th, 1961
Directors: Prof. Denis Hollier and Prof. Herrick Chapman

Kathrina LaPorta

Striking the King's Two Bodies: The Aesthetics and Politics of Late Seventeenth-Century Anti-Monarchical Pamphlet Literature in France (1667 - 1717)
Director: Prof. Henriette Goldwyn

Kevin McCann

After Nietzsche: "The Innocence of Becoming" in Gide, Deleuze and Foucault
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Fredrik Goran Ronnbäck

Mourning the Sacred: Bataille, Leiris, Blanchot
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Megan Russell
Jean Vigo and Documentary in Avant-Garde French Cinema of the 1920s
Director: Prof. Ludovic Cortade

Maximillian Shrem
Cuisine and the French Social Imaginary: Tracing the Origins of Gastronomic Discourse in Early 19th-Century France
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney

Maria Soledad Sklate 
Embodying Resistance and Resisting "the Body" in Caribbean Literature
Directors: Prof. J. Michael Dash and Prof. Judith Miller

Stella Amelie Vincenot 

Célébrer, Honorer, Commémorer: Democratic Political Culture in Post-Emancipation Guadeloupe
Directors: Prof. Stéphane Gerson and Prof. Myriam Cottias (EHESS)

Sophia Wilson
Making Myths New: Musical Drama in the Interwar French Theatre
Director: Prof. Eugène Nicole



Steven Crumb
Recomposing Contemporary French Literature: The Poetics of the Collection in the Works of Michel Butor, Jacques Roubaud and Denis Roche
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Paul Descloitres

Des vers satiriques à la poésie homosexuelle (1871-1925)
Director: Prof. Eugène Nicole

Seth Lobdell
Grave Instincts: The Psychoanalytic Novels of Pierre Jean Jouve
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Phoebe Maltz Bovy

“Embrasser les Juifs”: Jews and Intermarriage in Nineteenth-Century France (1792-1906) 
Director: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Raluca Manea

Recompositions of Place: The Locopoetics of Jacques Roubaud, Emmanuel Hocquard and Jacques Derras
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Dane Stalcup

Fragmented Totalities: the Autobiography of Composer Hector Berlioz
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Chelsea Stieber

Regional, Cosmopolitan, Indigenous: Writing Cultural Nationalisms in Early 20th-Century Haiti
Directors: Prof. J. Michael Dash and Prof. Herrick Chapman

Emily Craighead Teising

Career Ambitions: Representations of the Legal Professions in France, 1830-1850
Directors: Prof. Claudie Bernard and Prof. Stéphane Gerson

Natalia Wodnicka
The New Mythic Theater in French
Director: Prof. Judith Miller



Daisy Bow
Cooking the Books: Comparing and Contrasting Works of Contemporary Culinary-Oriented French Literature
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Willemijn L. Don
Godless Saints, Godly Savants: Intellectuals and Religious Experience in the Fin-de-Siècle Novel
Director: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Yasser Elhariry

Flights from Egypt: Literary Itineraries and Poetic Languages (Georges Heinen, Edmond Jabès, Joyce Mansour)
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Kari Evanson

Writing Scandal: Popular Media and the Bagnes d'Enfants, 1920 - 1945
Directors: Prof. Richard Sieburth and Prof. Edward Berenson

Alexandra Lukes

Disrupting Language: The Idiolects of Mallarmé, Artaud, and Leiris
Directors: Prof. Denis Hollier and Prof. Emily Apter

Tanya Mushinsky
Le Vocabulaire et les thèmes poétiques de Moréas
Director: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Georgiana Perlea
Quarante-huitards du XXe siècle. Le marxisme dissident de Socialisme ou barbarie et Arguments 1953-1962
Directors: Prof. Denis Hollier and Prof. Herrick Chapman

Stéphanie Ponsavady   
Moteurs de mecontentement et de desir: Automobiles et routes en Indochine Coloniale (1898-1939)
Director: Prof. Stéphane Gerson

Scott M. Sanders    
Music, Language and Affective Lyricism
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney



Elizabeth Applegate
Tensions of Witnessing: Fiction, Survivor Testimony, and the Tutsi Genocide
Director: Prof. Judith Miller

Alexandra Borer
L'Experience urbaine dans Les Passagers du Roissey-Express de François Maspero, Zones et La Clôture de Jean Rollin: la question de la frontière
Directors: Prof. Denis Hollier and Prof. Herrick Chapman

Rachel Corkle
George Sand Juge de Jean-Jacques: From the Philosophical Dialogue to the Bildungsroman
Director: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Christophe Litwin
Généologies de l'amour de soi: Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau
Directors: Prof. Denis Hollier and Prof. Pierre Manent (EHESS)

Michael Ritchie

Le Banquet d'Esther dans le théatre français de la Renaissance et de l'âge classique
Directors: Prof. Henriette Goldwyn and Prof. Benoît Bolduc



Esra Arici
La résurgence et la liquidation des modèles politiques antiques au 18e siecle—de Diderot à Chateaubriand
Directors: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney and Prof. Jean-Jacques Tatin-Gourier

Clarissa Behar
Writing Race in Marie NDiaye
Directors: Prof. Judith Miller and Prof. Denis Hollier

Jennie Dumont
Assia Djebar's Novel Designs: From Variations on the Couple to New Couples in the Algerian Quartet
Directors: Prof. Judith Miller and Prof. Henriette Goldwyn

Régine Joseph
Ruins of Dreams: Marie Chauvet and Post-Apocolyptic Writing in Haiti
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Kathryn Kleppinger
Why the Beur Novel? Writers and Journalists Interact to Construct a New French Voice
Directors: Prof. Judith Miller and Prof. Herrick Chapman

John Nimis
Literary Listening: readings in Congolese popular music
Directors: Prof. Emily Apter and Prof. J. Michael Dash

Rachel Wimpee
Reactionary or Modern? The Dévote in Fact and Fiction in Late Nineteenth Century France
Directors: Prof. Claudie Bernard and Prof. Stéphane Gerson



Alina Cherry
Experiencing Time: Narrative as Temporal and Historical Crossroads
Director: Prof. Eugène Nicole

Christina Kullberg
Fieldwork and Fiction: Ethnography and Literature in the French Caribbean
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Karen Santos da Silva
From Maxims to Novels : Fiction and Moralism in the French Novel of Sensibility
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney

Bassem Shahin

Cossery et la Derision: ou la marginalité comme réponse à la modernité
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth



Anthony Abiragi
Call and Response: Maurice Blanchot and the Ethics of Dialogue
Co-directors: Prof. Michel Beaujour and Prof. Richard Sieburth

Fayçal Falaky
Masochist Contract, Social Contract: Freedom and Submission in Rousseau’s Political Philosophy
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Isabelle Mullet

Fontenelle ou la machine perspectiviste
Director: Anne Deneys-Tunney

Keithley Woolward
Towards a Performative Theory of Liberation: Theatre, “Play,”  and Performance in the work of Frantz Fanon
Director: Prof. Judith Miller

Elizabeth Wright
Manuscript Meanings and Genres in Adenet le Roi's
Berte as grans pies: Compilation and Reception
Director: Nancy Regalado

Masano Yamashita
Les envois de Rousseau: figures du destinataire et espace public au siècle des Lumières
Director: Anne Deneys-Tunney

Yue Zhuo
À l’écart du visible: anachronisme et imaginaires de l’archéologique à partir de Barthes, Bataille, Quignard et Lacan
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier



Barbara Abad
The name of the father: Retif de la Bretonne and the representation of paternity in late eighteenth-century France
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney

Simona Barello
At the Margin of the Margin: Female Identity in Beur Literature and Cinema
Director: Prof. Judith Miller

Cristian Bratu
The Emergence of the Author in French Medieval Historiography
Director: Prof. Nancy Regalado

Shelley Cavaness
Paul Claudel's modernism: Acting, dance, music, film and dramaturgy
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Xiaofu Ding
Les rêveries de l’écriture chinoise : Victor Segalen, Paul Claudel, Henri Michaux
Director: Prof. Michel Beaujour

Nils Froment
Dégénérescence, hygiène et maladies nerveuses autour des années 1850-60
Co-directors: Prof. Richard Sieburth and Prof. Ed Berenson

Carrie Landfried
Towards a Truly Tropistic Form: The Evolution of Orality in the Prose and Theater of Nathalie Sarraute
Director: Prof. Eugène Nicole



Philippe Barr
La poétique urbaine dans Les Nuits de Paris de Rétif de la Bretonne et Le Tableau de Paris de Louis Sébastien Mercier
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney

Elizabeth Holly Johanna Cavitch

The Value of Wealth in "Le Roman de la Rose"
Director: Prof. Evelyn Vitz

Elizabeth Boxley
Bowles (Duchanaud)
Reading the French Caribbean with Edouard Glissant
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Maud Granger Remy
Le roman posthumain/The Posthuman Novel
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Eve Therrien

De l'Autopsie a l'utopie: le rituel dans le theatre experimental quebecois chez le collectif Momentum, Normand Chaurette et Denis Marleau.
Director: Prof. Judith Miller



Mark Cruse
Staging Chivalric Narrative: Compilation and Performance in MS Bodley 264
Director: Prof. Nancy Regalado

Michelle Erickson

Witness: Trauma, Aesthetics, and the Transmission of Memory in French Literary and Videotaped Holocaust Testimony
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier



Cécile Balavoine
Lourdes, entre pureté et décadence
Director: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Marie-Hélène Carpentier
L'oeuvre au noir de Jean-Patrick Manchette: D'une politique de détournement artistique à l'affirmation d'une littérature
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Margaret P.
Literary Tableaux: An Iconographical Study of Rousseau's La Nouvelle Héloïse and Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's Paul et Virginie
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney

Pierre-Alexandre Sicart

Autobiographie, Roman, Autofiction
Directors: Prof. Eugène Nicole and Prof. Pierre Glaudes

Catherine Sheppard Webster

The Playwright Turns Filmmaker: Pagnol, Guitry, and Cocteau Move from Theater to Cinema
Director: Prof. Charles Affron

Bryan Christopher Wood

Fictions galantes : le « roman sentimental » en France (1596-1610)
Director: Prof. Michel Beaujour



Anne François
The Return to Africa Revisited: Voices of Three Guadeloupean Women Writers
Director: Prof. Sylvie Kandé

Celina (Lyn) Thompson

The Vicarious Voyage: Reading the Exotic in the Work of Pierre Loti
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth



Brian Arganbright
Writing the People: Charles-Louis Philippe and the Culture of Populism during the Belle Époque
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Jennifer Gordon

L'inspecteur de la frontière: Jean Potocki et le génie du lieu
Director: Prof. Michel Beaujour

Kathleen Loysen

Hearing Voices: Representations of Conversations in Collections of 15th-16th Century French Nouvelle
Director: Professor Nancy Regalado

Laura Reeck

The Beur Bildungsroman: Learning Curves and Discursive Turns
Director: Prof. Judith Miller

Lise-Ségolène Schreier

Écriture à quatre pieds: L'écrivain français et son compagnon de voyage en Orient au dix-neuvième siècle
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Stephen Shapiro

Plotless History? Historical Representation in Frondeur Memoires
Director: Prof. Michel Beaujour

Michael Sohn

Aversion: André du Bouchet on Painting
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth

Joanna Stalnaker

In Visible Words: Epistemology and Poetics of Description in Enlightenment France
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney



Rori Bloom
Man of Quality, Man of Letters: Author, Public and Genre in the Novels and Newspaper of Antoine-François (l'abbé) Prévost
Director: Prof. Anne Deneys-Tunney

Marilyn Lawrence
Minstrel Disguise in Medieval French Narrative: Identity, Performance, Authorship
Director: Prof. Evelyn Vitz

Isabel Roche

A Study of Character in the Novels of Victor Hugo: Appearance, Reappearance, Disappearance
Director: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Curtis Small, Jr.
"Cet homme est une nation": The leader and the collectivity in literary representations of the Haitian Revolution (Hugo, Lamartine, Glissant, Cesaire)
Director: Prof. Sylvie Kandé

Hélène Tissières

Dits du non-dit: écritures fragmentaires et images nomades en Afrique (Maghreb - Afrique subsaharienne)
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Gina Trigian-Molvaut

Staging Violence in Romantic Drama: Dumas & Hugo (1829-1843)
Director: Prof. Charles Affron

John Westbrook
Reinventions of the Literary Avant-garde in Interwar France: Documents Between Surrealism and Ethnography
Director: Prof. Michel Beaujour



Michele Denizot-Ghil
Poétique de la discontinuité dans l'œuvre lyrique d'Eustache Deschamps
Director: Prof. Nancy Regalado

Michelle Magallañez

Mirrors of Glory: Spectacles of Chivalry and Aristocratic Identity in Fifteenth-Century Burgundian Romance, Chronicle, and Chivalric Biography
Director: Prof. Nancy Regalado

Valérie Thiers

"A chacun son griot": le mythe du griot-narrateur dans la littérature et le cinéma d'Afrique de l'Ouest
Director: Prof. Manthia Diawara