Apollinaire & Sutherland: Translating animals & the arts

Date Time Location

Jun. 17

9:00am - 6:00pm
NYU London
6 Bedford Square, Bloomsburry, London
This event will recur Every Saturday until Jun. 18, 2017

This event is free and open to the public but pre-registration is essential as space is limited. To register, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/apollinaire-sutherland-translating-animals-art-forms-tickets-34107404164


This one-day international, interdisciplinary symposium centers on The Bestiary or Procession of Orpheus (1911), a multimedia work resulting from the artistic collaboration between French poet Guillaume Apollinaire and artist Raoul Dufy, and its homonym, The Bestiary or Procession of Orpheus (1979) by the British artist Graham Sutherland.


Eight speakers each with different fields of expertise will address the extraordinary combinations of poetry and image; text, voice, and music; antique mythology, medieval Christian allegory, and 20th-century modernism.


The aim of the symposium is not to r(re)construct a lineage of compositions, but collectively and creatively to explore aesthetic and intellectual processes operating in different times, places and media, and moving freely between humanistic and posthumanist critical dimensions: between animals and art forms.


The speakers are:


Monica Bohm-Duchen (NYU-London, Art history)

Sarah Kay (NYU-Washington Square, French and Comparative Literature; co-organizer)

Timothy Mathews (UCL, French and Comparative Literature; co-organizer)

Rachel Mundy (Rutgers, Musicology)

Clive Scott (UEA, School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing)

Matthew Senior (Oberlin College, French and Italian)

Sarah Spence (University of Georgia, Latin and Comparative Literature).

George Szertes (UEA, Creative Writing)


Co-sponsored by the Department of French Literature, Thought, and Culture NYU; NYU-Global; NYU-London; the Humanities Initiative, NYU; and UCL.