French Literature in the Making (Only taught in French)


This 2-credit course offers students the rare opportunity not only to read living French and francophone authors, both of fiction and non fiction, but also to meet most of these authors in person and discuss their ideas and writing process. The contemporary writers studied will be chosen among those visiting New York during the spring semester. They will include the three authors (Jacques Attali, Boris Cyrulnik and Christophe Barbier) invited by Maison Française to participate in the popular lecture series "French Literature in the Making." Students will gain an understanding of the French fiction and non fiction being written today through primary and secondary readings, discussions, and the unique opportunity to enter into dialogue with outstanding intellectual figures. They will read texts by each author, will meet most of them in class, and will attend the three « French literature in the Making » lectures, in addition to other optional events to be announced.

Students not only read the work of, but also meet and discuss their reading with, contemporary French writers who speak at the Maison Française as part of the interview series “French Literature in the Making” organized by celebrated French journalist Olivier Barrot.

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Spring 2018

Laurence Marie
T: 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM 19UP 225