Miriam Basilio

Associate Professor, Art History and Museum Studies


Ph.D. 2002 (Art History), Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; M.A. 1995 (Art History), Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; M.A. 1991 (Liberal Studies), NYU; Advanced Certificate 1991 (Museum Studies), NYU; B.A. 1989 (Political Science), Boston College

Areas of Research/Interest

Art, propaganda, cultural property and national identity in Spain; modern Spanish and Latin American art; the history of collecting and exhibitions of Latin American art in the United States; memory studies; histories of global biennials; art and political activism.


Humanities Initiative Grant-In-Aid - 2013
NYU Goddard Junior Faculty Fellowship - 2010
Centro de Estudios Hispanoamericanos, Fundación Carolina Travel Grant - 2003
Institute of Fine Arts, Lila Acheson Wallace Fellowship 1994 - 1998; 1999 - 2001
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships for Minorities - Honorable Mention List, 1999 - 2000
Fulbright Foreign Scholarship - for dissertation research in Spain 1998-1999
Program for Cultural Cooperation Between Spain's Ministry of Culture and US Universities Grant 1998
NYU King Juan Carlos I Center-Coca Cola Summer Grant - for Research in Spain 1998
Rockefeller Foundation/College Art Association Travel Grant 1995
Institute of Fine Arts, Levy Travel Fellowship 1994



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Topics in Museum Studies: Challenges for Art Museum Curators Today (MSMS-GA 3330)
Topics in Museum Studies: Exhibiting Latin American Art in the United States, 1931-present (MSMS-GA 3330)
Topics in Museum Studies: Blockbusters and Building Booms (MSMS-GA 3330)
Research Seminar (MSMS-GA 3991)