ES Study Abroad

NYU Berlin

NYU Berlin is designed for students interested in social dimensions of environmental problems. Berlin hosts many environmental policy institutes, scholars and agencies, is a political center, and features many examples of urban greening. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are welcome, and juniors can fulfill the ES major internship requirement with the Internship Seminar and Fieldwork.

Students are required to have German Intermediate I language proficiencywhich will be verified through a verbal evaluation with Cultural Vistas between the dates of April 6-9, 2015. Students with a proficiency of German Intermediate II or above will not require additional language evaluation. Key competencies in German listening, reading, writing and speaking will be used in each placement. Without this minimum proficiency, students are not eligible to participate in this internship program.

NYU Sydney

NYU Sydney is designed for students interested in the humanistic, social and professional dimensions of the environment. Other courses are in anthropology, biology,  business, chemistry, journalism and psychology. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are welcome, and juniors can fulfill the ES major internship requirement with the Internship Seminar and Fieldwork.

NYU Washington, DC

NYU Washington, DC is designed for students interested in the policy dimension of environmental studies. Internships in the policy community are one of the unique strengths of NYU Washington, DC. This resource page offers an initial sense of the internship options. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are welcome, and juniors can fulfill the ES major internship requirement with the Internship Seminar and Fieldwork.

Applying to Study Abroad

To enroll in any of the courses offered abroad, students must first apply to the Study Abroad program through the Office of Global Programs. Using the call numbers available on the course listing pages, students can register on Albert. A maximum of 3 courses (plus the internship) taken abroad can count towards the major.

Course offerings are subject to change. Consult the NYU Study Abroad Program website and the Cross-School Minor Course at Global Sites website for updates on course offerings for specific semesters.

To learn more about Study Abroad, students may consult NYU's Global Study Planner for more information about disciplines and countries. Students are also encouraged to attend one of NYU Global Programs' weekly info sessions held Fridays from 2-3PM in the ARC.  To register, please complete the RSVP form at Access NYU's Global Network: NYU Global Programs Info Sessions.  

Course Listings

Past Study Abroad Course Listings
2017-2018 Academic Year Course Listing

General Course Offerings


ENVST-UA 9481 Environmental Social Movements, Fall & Spring
ENVST-UA 9495 Greening Berlin: Urban Ecology and Forging the Sustainable City, Fall & Spring, Sliwinski
NODEP-UA 9982 Internship Seminar and Fieldwork (ES Internship), Fall & Spring, Note: German language proficiency and application required. Enrollment by permission only. For registration details or to attend an informational webinar, please email Equivalent to ENVST-UA 800.
ENVST-UA 9450 Cities on the Move: Migration and Urban Landscapes, Fall


ENVST-UA 9275 Where the City Meets the Sea: Studies in Coastal Urban Environments, Winter Session, Burt
ENVST-UA 9450 Australian Environmental History, Spring
ENVST-UA 9503 Journalism & Society: Science, Environment & Politics, Fall & Spring 
ENVST-UA 9510 Reading in Contemporary Literature Theory: Ecocriticism, Fall & Spring, Giggs
NODEP-UA 9982 Internship Seminar and Fieldwork (ES Internship), Fall & Spring, Note: Enrollment by permission only. Application required. For registration details or to attend an informational webinar, please email Equivalent to ENVST-UA 800, Internship.
UGPH-GU 9050 Environmental Health in the Global WorldElkington, Satisfies governance requirement. Fall

Washington, D.C.

ENVST-UA 9423/HIST-UA 423/POL-UA 9307 History of American Environmental Policy, Fall, Herrick
ENVST-UA 9503 Journalism & Society: Science, Environment & Politics, Fall, Borenstein
ENVST-UA 9417 Globalizing Social Activism: Sustainable Development in Urban Areas, Fall & Spring
NODEP-UA 9981 Internship (ES Internship), Fall & Spring, Note: Equivalent to ENVST-UA 800, Internship. Can be taken either semester during the junior year. At these links, you can find details on the internship seminar and environmental internships

Abu Dhabi

CCOL-AD 30 Water Governance, Spring, Bell
COREI-AD 16 Where the City Meets the Sea: Studies in Coastal Urban Environments, Spring, Killilea/Burt
COREI-AD 11 State and Fate of the Earth, Winter Session, VolkNote: This is an NYU Abu Dhabi course that takes place in various locations including Shanghai and Ghana
MDENV-AD 111 Global Climate Change, Spring

Other possible electives listed here.

Hong Kong

ENYC-GE 2010 Sustainable Cities: Eco-Urbanism Workshop, Spring, Lejano


ENVST-UA 9226 Climate Change, Fall


SOCS-SHU 135 Environment and Society, Fall, LiEquivalent to ENST-UA 101, Environment and Society.
HIST-SHU 302 History of Water, Fall, MontoyaEquivalent to ENVST-UA 450, Topics in Environmental Values and Society.

*Please note that these courses are both offered in Shanghai in the Spring and the Fall. Be sure to pay attention to which section of ENVST-UA 9450 you are registering for.

Funding Opportunities

Robert O. Owens & Eve Klein Internship for Investigative Reporting

The Robert O. Owens and Eve Klein Foundation award is for students interested in pursuing a career in investigative reporting. The award will be granted during spring semester 2014 to a deserving student studying at NYU Washington, DC and participating in a Washington, DC based internship. Strong preference will be given to students who plan to hold an internship in the investigative unit of a print, online, or broadcast media outlet. There will be 2 awards for the amount of $1000 each. For more information and to apply, please email

Global Pathways Scholarship Program (GPS)

Starting Fall 2014, all admitted study away applicants with financial need (as determined by filing with the OFA) will be considered for an increase in their award package of up to a maximum of $4,000 – to cover the additional costs of studying away. Students will be notified in June for Fall 2014. This program replaces the appeal for additional financial aid procedure.

Global Programs Merit Scholarships

Starting Fall 2014, a small group of students that have been admitted for a semester study at one of the NYU Academic Centers will be awarded a merit grant of $1,500.  Awards will be determined based on the quality of the student’s application and academic record. Selected students will be informed shortly after notification. No separate application is required.

Students are encouraged to apply to the Global Leadership Scholars Program.

Additional information about Study Abroad Scholarships and Financial Aid can be found here.

Information about Additional Funding for Study Abroad can be found here. For summer session external scholarships, please click here.