The Environmental Studies Internship (ENVST-UA 800) will prepare students for their professional lives by providing them with experience in environment-related organizations such as non-profits, research institutes and governmental organizations.

Once ES majors register for the internship seminar, they will be contacted by the internship supervisor with guidance on how to find an internship and deadlines. They do not need to seek a site before this time. Internships may be paid or unpaid positions.

At the beginning of the internship, students and the Internship Coordinator will agree to a learning contract that establishes specific goals as well as a schedule for achieving them.  Interns will meet collectively during the semester to share their experiences and to present brief reports.

Students can also take an internship in Washington D.C., Sydney and Berlin. See our Study Abroad page for more details.

The ES Internship Program is for ES majors only. Students completing internships outside of ES should enroll in the CAS Fieldwork and Internship Seminars NODEP-UA.0980, NODEP-UA.0981. General information about internships in CAS can be found at With approval of the Internship Supervisor, an Independent Study can be pursued if the work is related to the major.

For a listing of current internships, please visit the ES blog.
For internship site reviews by past ES interns, please visit the ES Internship Feedback site.

If you are interested in hosting an intern, please send a brief description of the internship to