Welcome to the Undergraduate Program in English at NYU!

Please find information and answers to various questions below...if you still have unanswered questions after perusing this page, email Mary: mary.mezzano@nyu.edu, or stop by the Undergraduate Studies floor of the English Department (244 Greene St. 3rd FL).

Why should I study English Literature at NYU?

If you are curious about what makes studying English Literature at NYU special, you should check out this document: 10 Reasons to Study English Literature at NYU.

Is there a resource for finding jobs/internships?

Is there a resource for finding jobs/internships?

After the English major, should I continue on to grad school?

Click here to read about it.

What is the English Honors Program? Should I do Honors?

The English Honors Program has its own page--check it out here! It's a good option if you plan on going to grad school and want a great writing sample/thesis writing experience, but it's also an oppurtunity to bond with your cohort and leave NYU with a true sense of accomplishment. 


As of Spring 2017, students who take a Core: Texts and Ideas course taught by an English Department faculty member may request to count that course as one of the three electives required in the English Major, or one of the two electives required in the Creative Writing Track. For T&I courses prior to Spring 2017, click here.


How do I declare the English major or minor?

The best thing to do is stop by the English Department Undergraduate Studies Office on the 3rd Floor of 244 Greene. St. We also have an online declaration form that you can fill out and return in person or via email to Mary Mezzano (mary.mezzano@nyu.edu). Click here to access the form.

I want to study abroad...what do I need to know?

Click here for a handout with all the info you will need to know about studying abroad. If you need more info, you can always stop by the 3rd floor of the English department!

What is CLS? How can I get involved?

CLS stands for the Contemporary Literature Series; this series brings authors into the undergradaute classroom and onto campus for events. Check out the website here (nyu-cls.org) and check our course lists to see if the new CLS Lab (a 2 credit course) is being offered this semester!