Major/Minor in Dramatic Literature

Program of Study

If you are interested in a major or minor in Dramatic Literature, please contact the Dramatic Literature Assistant, Bennett Williams. To declare your major or minor, please complete a declaration form linked on the right side of this page.


Course of Study
As an interdisciplinary major, pulling coursework from related departments across the University, the program groups courses into three distinct categories: Dramatic LiteratureCinema, and Practical Theatre. For definitions of these categories, please see the Course Descriptions page.

Restrictions on Credit Toward the Major and the Minor
Courses used to satisfy requirements for either the major or minor in Dramatic Diterature may not be used to satisfy the requirements for any other major or minor. Independent study courses and internships do not count toward the minimum requirements for the major or minor. Transfer students must complete at least half of the required courses for the major and minor programs at the College. Please note C is the lowest grade that may be counted toward the major or minor. Only 4-unit courses may be counted toward the major or minor.

Requirements for Major

The major in Dramatic Literature consists of ten 4-point courses (40 points) offered by the program, which must include:

-History of Drama and Theatre I (DRLIT-UA 110)
-History of Drama and Theatre II (DRLIT-UA 111)
-One course in Dramatic Literature before 1900

Of the remaining seven courses, no more than five may be drawn from the areas of Cinema and Practical Theatre combined.

Honors Program
An honors program is offered for majors in their junior and senior years who have at least a 3.65 GPA both overall and in the major. The two core courses History of Drama and Theatre I and II (DRLIT-UA 110, 111) must be completed when students apply. The honors program consists of two courses, a Junior Honors Seminar (DRLIT-UA 905) and a Senior Honors Thesis (DRLIT-UA 925). The honors thesis counts as an 11th course in the major. Dramatic literature majors pursuing this honors track may also satisfy the seminar requirement by taking, with the instructor's permission, the Honors Seminar in the undergraduate Department of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts. Majors interested in honors should apply to the Undergraduate Adviser of the program.

Requirements for Minor

Any four 4-point course offered by the program. Only two of the four may be in the areas of Cinema and Practical Theatre.