Instructions for Visiting Ph.D. Students

My colleagues and I are pleased that you are interested in visiting the economics Ph.D. program at NYU. As you might imagine, we receive more applications from worthy students than we can accommodate. To manage the excess demand, we ask students to secure an invitation from a member of the FAS economics department. A member of our faculty must endorse your application and be willing to supervise your visit. Your first task is to secure an invitation. After you arrange a match, please ask your supervisor to contact me directly. At that point, we will send information about how to apply.

NYU provides no financial aid for visiting graduate students, so you must have appropriate external support. How much depends on what you want to do here.

Ph.D. students who want to do research under the supervision of an NYU faculty member may register at a reduced rate for the "visiting student research course." In recent years, this has cost approximately $4500 per semester. In addition, there are fees for health insurance and various services (see the Bursar's web page for details). However, students registered for the visiting student research course are prohibited from enrolling in, auditing, or sitting in on any NYU course. If you want to register for courses or audit or even sit in informally, you must enroll as a full-time visiting student and pay regular fees.

In addition, students must also show that they have approximately $2000 per month for living expenses.

Kind regards,

Tim Cogley
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Economics