Standards of Academic Standing and Academic Position

Active graduate students are either “in good standing” or are on “academic probation”. 

In good standing 

To be in good standing, the Graduate School requires that students maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have successfully completed 66 percent of credits attempted while at NYU, not including the current semester.  Courses with grades of IP, IF, N, W, and F are not considered successfully completed. 

Academic Probation 

If academic performance falls below either the Graduate School or departmental standard, students are automatically placed on academic probation.  Departments provide written notification to the students of their probationary status.  Students will have until the end of the next complete semester following the date of the probation letter in which to meet the criteria set by the departments.  Students on probation are not eligible for extensions of time to degree, waivers of Maintenance of Matriculation Fees, or extensions of IP or IF grades.   


If the student does not meet the criteria within the time limit, they will be formally terminated from the graduate program.  Students may reapply for readmission no sooner than one year following termination. 

Right of Appeal 

Students have the right to appeal termination, a probation decision, or the criteria set for the reversal of probation within one month of date of the letter announcing the assignment of termination or probation.  Students may file a written appeal with the departmental Director of Graduate Studies.