NLP Seminar: "Publishing While Female. Are Women Held to Higher..." - Erin Hengel (Liverpool)

"Publishing while female. Are women held to higher standards? Evidence from peer review" Abstract: I use readability scores to test if women's writing is held to higher standards in academic peer review. I find: (i) female-authored papers are 1–6 percent better written than equivalent papers by men; (ii) the gap is almost two times higher in published articles than in their pre-print drafts; (iii) women's writing gradually improves but men's does not, so the readability gap grows over authors' careers. Using a subjective expected utility framework, I show that tougher editorial standards and/or biased referee assignment are uniquely consistent with authors' observed choices.





Sep. 13

4:00pm - 5:30pm
Center for Data Science
60 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor