Modern Japanese Literature and its Filmic Expression

$SAME AS V29.0733

This class covers modern Japanese literature and film. Instead of starting with a division between the phonetic and visual that might be assumed when studying literature alongside film, this class will chart the emergence of phonetic language in Japan that gave rise to an economy of the visual that includes the human face as a signifier of the inner self, racial topographies, and realist depictions of cosmopolitan landscapes marked by exotic frontiers. It approaches the relationship between the phonetic and visual texts in terms of a politics of movement and space: an idealist sense of movement/space regulated by a human self versus a materialist sense of movement/space irreducible to the human will. These abstract questions will be discussed concretely through Japan’s emergence into modernity, the genbun itchi movement, “I novel,” Japanese fascism, proletarian/socialist realism, war responsibility, historical revisionism under postwar occupation, and postcolonialism.

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Spring 2018

Annmaria Shimabuku
MW: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM 7E12 134